Johnny 'Corndawg' Fritz Down on the bikini line (Vinyl) 12" Album Coloured Vinyl

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Further Details

Title: Down on the bikini line
Condition: New
Format: Vinyl
EAN: 0703674380286
Edition: 12" Album Coloured Vinyl
Genre: Folk
Style: Folk
Release Date: 29/08/2011
Release Year: 2011
Description: Jonny Fritz's 2nd LP and first studio produced effort. Backed by an all star cast of Nashville musicians including John McCauley from Deertick, Josh Hedley, Rich Gilbert, Jordan Caress, Ben Martin, and backing vocals from the likes of Caitlin Rose, Tristen, and Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes. '..Bikini Line' showcases some of Fritz's most well loved tunes like "Life of a Bear" and "When a Ford Man Turns to Chevy." The LP release also includes a VINYL EXCLUSIVE cover of David Allan Coe's "Love Is a Never Ending War." Available in black and pink vinyl.
No Of Discs: 1
Artist: Johnny 'Corndawg' Fritz
Record Label: Appalachia Record Co.
Color: Pink coloured vinyl

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