SPITHEAD - SWAG LP - ska-punk, dub-anarcho, Citizen Fish, Inner Terrestrials

Sold Date: July 19, 2022
Start Date: June 19, 2022
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This is a brand new LP released on my label, ROCK 'EM DEAD.  

This is a reissue of the bands one and only album.  Stalwarts of the squat-Punk and festivals scene this album is a ska infused punk ridden anarcho dance fest that will appeal to fans of Citizen Fish, Inner Terrestrials, Radical Dance Faction and the like.

   On heavy vinyl with heavy duty card sleeve and insert with flyer art and lyrics, this album comes in a solid blue colour.

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The Write-Offs / Homebrew                     split 7”                                                   7”          1998        Approx 10  black vinyl

Funbug / Lubby Nugget                             4 way split                                             7”          1999        Black vinyl only remain

Eastfield / Swaktang

Peawees / Norma Jeans                            split 7”                                                    7”          2000        Approx 5 remain 

Shooter McGavin / Dugong                      split 7”                                                    7”          2001        Limited Remaining

Eastfield                                                       Keep It Spikey                                        CDLP     2002        Limited Remaining

DSS                                                                Murdering Bastards                             CDLP     2003        Starting to run low

Shortcut To Newark                                    Heads In Hands, Heart in Half           CDEP     2003

Shortcut To Newark                                    Heads In Hands, Heart in Half           7”          2003

DSS                                                                Three Years Of Shit 1999 – 2001       CDLP     2004

Greenland Whalefishers                            Streets of Salvation                             CDLP     2004        Re-release available

Greenland Whalefishers                            Down and Out                                      CDLP     2006

Greenland Whalefishers                            Amazing Space                                     CDLP     2006

Greenland Whalefishers / SMZB              Joining Forces                                       CDLP     2008

Bombscare / UK Assassins                        Terror Australis                                     CDLP      2007

Greenland Whalefishers                           Songs From The Bunker                      CDLP      2010

The Nerks                                                    Greatest Hits Vol 1                               CDLP      2012

Greenland Whalefishers                           The Thirsty Cave                                   CDLP      2015

Blisterhead                                                  Border Control                                      7”           2017

Greenland Whalefishers / The Hoors     split                                                         CDEP      2018

Jobseekers / The Hoors                             This is Not 1984 / The Rise of…         CDLP      2018

Greenland Whalefishers                           Based On A True Story                        CDLP       2019

Eastfield                                                      Houmous                                                CDLP      2019

Black Star Brigade                                     The Think They Can Knock Us Down   LP          2021

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