Consolidated Gramophone record. Dan W Quinn - When Rubin comes to town. 10/29/00

Sold Date: January 3, 2023
Start Date: December 27, 2022
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This very early and very rare label was in existance  for just a few months in 1900 and then replaced.  As far as I recall it was the last disc early record made in the USA that uses the word Gramophone.  At least as a legitimate commercial recording. It then becomes tied to Europe.

This record as you can see is rough. But surprisingly it plays much better than it looks.

It looks in its life to have its spindle expanded to play on one of the larger spindle machines and then it looks like they tried to close up the hole with glue.  The label has some glue on it as well.

This record has a pretty tight crack that runs 3/4 way through the grooves.  It does not skip or have hung grooves. But looks pretty rough, but  plays much better than it looks.

As with all my sales the record will be carefully packed and shipped in a new box

You can hear the recording  play on YouTube at.