Blue Swede Hooked on a Feeling Funk Rock LP EMI

Sold Date: May 27, 2023
Start Date: April 10, 2023
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Artist :  Blue Bwede

Album : Hooked on a Feeling

Label:   – ST-11286

Details/ Condition: Record is VG+. Cover is VG+ . Please see photos   
*** Please Note Grading Policy Below***
MINT or M : 

Perfect, like it has just left the manufacturer, with NO flaws what so ever. Any defect from the factory pressing are not acceptable. It should look as though it had never been handled. Age has nothing to do with it. 


NM means almost mint. Virtually flawless, not perfect. A very minor scuff and very little else, the flaw should be very hard to see. If a scuff covers more than a few tracks yet can be seen, it will not be NM, however it may come very close. 


An EX (or VG++) will allow minor scuffs which are visible but only slightly. There may be more than a few, so be careful not call a record that has wear to more than 15% of the surface. The wear should be minimal and of course should play mint! Any scratches that can be felt with your fingernail can NOT be called scuffs. Scuffs lay on top of the grooves. If any break in the grooves are felt, they ARE scratches. And most often, they will be heard when played (soft clicks or even loud pops). Once again, no scratches can make this grade! 


Will show wear, surface scuffs, and some very light scratches. The flaws will be noticeable to the naked eye. Sometimes under very bright light, you will see many tiny lines across the surface. Because there are more than 15% (yet less than 30%) of wear to the surface, it can make this grade. 

Scratches are not acceptable to a serious collector in any way. If you call a record 95% NM but note the record as having 1 track with a bad scratch, many will only consider it as VG (explained next). 


The Very Good Grade does not mean Very good at all. At least not in the visual sense. A Very Good (VG) record will appear well played. More and more surface scuffs and scratches. 

GOOD or G (including the G+ and VG- grades): Well played, and possibly abused. However should still play. It will have deep scratches. Good means that it will play with some form of decency. 

FAIR, & POOR: The easiest way to define this is if does not meet the lowest grade above (GOOD). 

***Shipping Info***
-Domestic Shipping:  Shipping within the US is $5 USPS Media Mail for the first two albums. This includes Double LP's. It is a $1 for any additional records. Priority Shipping is $10 for each record and $1 for additional records. 
-International Shipping: Shipping to most countries is $25 using USPS First class Airmail (comes with tracking). This is the cheapest possible option so please do not ask for a cheaper one. If you want your signature confirmation and Insurance it will be $37 to ship one record and may be implemented in purchases over $150 for yours and my protection. Please wait to receive invoice before paying for multiple records!!!!  

I package records using quality cardboard mailers and liners to ensure a well protected journey!! I use heavy tape and label all packages FRAGILE!!