Lee Morgan INDEED! Music Matters 2LP 45 RPM Vinyl SEALED & MINT! Super LOW #145

Sold Date: June 14, 2023
Start Date: June 7, 2023
Final Price: $153.48 (USD)
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Lee Morgan INDEED! - Music Matters 2LP 45 RPM edition, LONG out of print. This copy is sealed and mint, and super LOW #0145 (I was an early subscriber to the Music Matters reissue series). With Horace Silver and Philly Joe Jones! Now's your chance to get this long out of print collectible at a fair market price! 
A lot of audiophile titles get reissued as 45 rpm sets for several reasons, but the most important one is because they almost universally sound better than a 33 1/3 version. 
This is not hype. LPs pressed at 45 rpm offer a wider dynamic range, deeper bass, and sweeter top end. While 33 1/3 offers more convenience (more tracks/time per side before you have to flip the LP over), there are significant tradeoffs, including more compression (particularly as the stylus moves closer to the center) and lower frequency extension (you need physical space to cut deep bass wavelengths into vinyl). 
I’ve played “A/B” comparisons for a lot of folks (mostly non-audiophiles), and no one has yet chosen a 33 1/3 title over a 45 rpm version. It is NOT subtle. 

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About Me: I'm a long time Ebay buyer intent on selling a significant portion of my LP collection over the next year or two (or three!). I believe in the auction process, so I'm NOT going to list records at absurdly high prices, and I look forward to getting rare, out of print records into the hands of music lovers, record collectors and audiophiles (I consider myself all of the above). All LPS stored in a smoke-free, climate controlled environment. 

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