Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper A Star Is Born Soundtrack (Vinyl) 12" Album

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Further Details

Title: A Star Is Born Soundtrack
Condition: New
Format: Vinyl
EAN: 0602567775546
Edition: 12" Album
Genre: Soundtracks
Style: Original Soundtrack
Release Date: 05/10/2018
Description: 'A Star Is Born' is the 2018 soundtrack album from the musical film of the same name directed by Bradley Cooper. Stars Cooper and Lady Gaga collaberated on the soundtrack with an assortment of country musicians, including Lukas Nelson, as well as DJ White Shadow for the more pop-orientated songs. The soundtrack progresses chronologically through the film, and includes excerpts of film dialogue. Commercially, it has topped the charts in more than 15 countries, achieving gold and platinum certifications, while selling over six million copies worldwide.
No Of Discs: 2
Artist: Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper
Type: Album
Run Time: 01:10:16
Record Label: Polydor Group
MPN: 6777554
Release Year: 2018
1-1 Trust Me
1-1 Intro
1-2 Black Eyes
1-2 Shallow
1-3 First Stop, Arizona
1-3 Somewhere Over The Rainbow
1-4 Fabulous French
1-4 Music To My Eyes
1-5 Diggin' My Grave
1-5 La Vie En Rose
1-6 I'll Wait For You
1-6 I Love You
1-7 Always Remember Us This Way
1-7 Maybe It's Time
1-8 Parking Lot
1-8 Unbelievable
1-9 Out Of Time
1-10 Alibi
2-1 Scene 98
2-1 How Do You Hear It?
2-2 Look What I Found
2-2 Before I Cry
2-3 Too Far Gone
2-3 Memphis
2-4 Heal Me
2-4 Twelve Notes
2-5 I'll Never Love Again
2-5 I Don't Know What Love Is
2-6 Vows
2-6 I'll Never Love Again
2-7 Is That Alright?
2-8 SNL
2-9 Why Did You Do That?
2-10 Hair Body Face

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