Joe Bataan Salsoul (Vinyl) 12" Album Coloured Vinyl (Limited Edition)

Sold Date: May 28, 2024
Start Date: December 29, 2023
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Further Details

Title: Salsoul
Condition: New
Description: Salsoul is the ninth studio album by trailblazing Filipino-African American singer Joe Bataan, featuring his classic single 'Mujer Mia'. Re-issued for the first time since 1973 on limited edition translucent blue vinyl, Salsoul was born out of Bataan's love for salsa & soul, which developed during his youth in New York's Spanish Harlem.
Artist: Joe Bataan
Format: Vinyl
Edition: 12" Album Coloured Vinyl (Limited Edition)
No Of Discs: 1
Record Label: Salsoul Records
Release Date: 11/11/2022
Color: Limited edition translucent blue coloured vinyl.
Genre: R&B/Soul
Style: Jazz
EAN: 4050538802382
MPN: 050538802382
Release Year: 2022
1: Mi Nube
2: Muchachu Ordinario
3: Sunny Gets Blue Mambo
4: Mujer Mia
5: Fin
6: Latin Strut
7: Johnny
8: Peace, Friendship, Solidarity
9: Aftershow Funk
10: Continental Square Dance

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