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Here we have a curio item that came my way in a batch of LP`s I bought at a boot fair.Its like a demo/acetate LP which was recorded at the Deroy Sounds Services studio in Carnforth Lancs.Im not sure what decade as there is no artist or year info on the label.The name of the artist on the cover is Paul Empson.who I know was something to do with sixties/seventies folk rock band Amazing Blondel so I googled him.He owned a music shop where the band got a lot of theie equipment and ended up working with them on and off over the years as he is an accomplished guitarist.Im not totally sure this record is him as the label of the vinyl does not state who the artist is even though the cover has his name and a guitar on it.I have played the record to see what its like,there is a mix of vocal and instrumental music.The record has a few light marks on both sides and because this is not a regular pressing but a demo/acetate it has some background noise in a few places too.I have been told but dont know for sure that thes type of pressings detiorate with regular play as they are not made for commercial release so this record may well be only of interest to people who collect these things.IM not ttally sure this is the same Paul Empson who worked with Amazing Blondel but the record does sound quite folky.If there is anyone reading this who could shed some light on this record I would be grateful.