Sold Date: January 12, 2021
Start Date: June 15, 2017
Final Price: £295.00 (GBP)
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This listing is for the METALICA THE BLACK ALBUM FRAMED GOLD  LP ORIGINAL POP ART MUSIC MEMORABILIA. It is a one off peice of music art by the Art and Music Gallery London. Unlike other similar items sold on ebay this is the only peice produced and not part of a production run. Also the vinyl album (plated in 24 carat gold) is an original printed copy and not mearly a blank copy as you may find elswhere.
The other images are just examples of other works to support authenticity and are being sold on other ebay listings.

Art and Music Gallery were sister company of Century Dispalys. Since 1973 Century Displays have been making awards in partnership with the BPI and the BVA as accredited suppliers, and side-by-side with our clients in music film software and corporate awards.Century Displays are still manufactuer of awards using our innovative and traditional designs are created using 24 carat gold and silver coating of vinyls and CDs.

We stopped production of the art in 2003/4 but still have over 100 original pieces now up for sale prices ranging from £325 - £2500 for the Elton John Yellow Brick Road peice which stands at 1.5 metres high.
The list includes but not limited to: Outcast, Led Zepplin Physical Graffiti, The Who 1 x Tommy, 1 Quadraphenia, Rolling Stones Love ya, Maddonna, Pink, Tina Turner, Jmi Hendrix For real, Robert Palmer, ELO to name but a few.

Please message if you have any questions