ULTRASONIC1-RECORD-CLEANER-DIY adjustable power and variable frequency

Sold Date: October 12, 2021
Start Date: November 8, 2020
Final Price: $1,700.00 (PLN)
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The cleaner is an independent construction based on medical ultrasonic cleaner, upon on years of experience in cleaning and revitalizing old, damaged vinyl records. It is perfectly suited for the hobbyist, but also can be use by professionals.
The cleaner has an automatic drive, adjustable power, heating, variable frequency and advanced cleaning functions

The kit consists of: ultrasonic cleaner, power lead, drive system,
axle with spacers and metal clamps, axle base, lid container and the manual.

The cleaning fluid is not included.
The composition of the cleaning fluid is in the manual.
Power supply 230 V. For United States and other countries with 110 V needs a power converter (110V - 230V) available on Ebay.
Important !  Converter must give 500W output power or stronger
One year warranty, service and support on-line
see manual:
and short film of working cleaner
Details about cleaning on:

To order also available version for 10 and 15 records