MF Doom - MM..Food [New CD] Explicit

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MF Doom - MM..Food [New CD] Explicit

Artist: MF Doom

Title: MM..Food


Format: CD

Release Date: 2007

Label: Rhymesayers

UPC: 826257008428

Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

Album Tracks

1. Beef Rapp
2. Hoe Cakes
3. Potholderz
4. One Beer
5. Deep Fried Frenz
6. Poo-Putt Platter
7. Fillet-O-Rapper
8. Gumbo
9. Fig Leaf Bi-Carbonate
10. Kon Karne
11. Guinnesses
12. Kon Queso
13. Rapp Snitch Knishes
14. Vomitspit
15. Kookies

1. Bonus Material [DVD]

In 1998 Zev Love X of the seminal rap group KMD re-emerged as a masked super villain known as MF Doom. The following Year he release only added to the mystery by creating multiple aliases (King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughn, etc.) and and taking a no holds barred approach to his musical career. With collaborative side projects with Madlib (Madvillain) and most recently DANGERDOOM with Danger Mouse, MM.. FOOD marks the super villain's long awaited follow up to Operation: Doomsday. Originally released late 2004 MM.. FOOD has been out of print for close to two y. DVD includes over an hour of live fotoage and behind the scenes. Plus, limited edition sticker and poster by Burlesque of North America.

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