Halo Combat Evolved 2xLP Soundtrack limited version color vinyl

Sold Date: November 21, 2022
Start Date: November 12, 2022
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2003 Halo Original Soundtrack 2XLP limited edition of 200 copies 
The record is brand new and sealed
Side A Opening Suite  Truth And Reconciliation Suite  Brothers In Arms  Enough Dead Heroes  Perilous Journey  A Walk In The Woods
Side B Ambient Wonder  The Gun Pointed At The Head Of The Universe  Trace Amounts  Under Cover Of Night  What Once Was Lost  Lament For Pvt. Jenkins  Devils... Monsters... 
Side C Covenant Dance Alien Corridors  Rock Anthem For Saving The World  The Maw  Drumrun  On A Pale Horse  Perchance To Dream  Library Suite 
Side D The Long Run  Suite Autumn  Shadows  Dust And Echoes  Halo