Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here 1975 Columbia PC 33453 Vinyl LP VG/G

Sold Date: February 20, 2023
Start Date: February 20, 2023
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Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here 1975 Columbia PC 33453 Vinyl LP VG/G.

Thank you for your interest.  ABCDE collectibles is happy to serve you.  This is a one woman operation and I take off Friday 4 pm cst to Sunday morning for the Sabbath.  If you contact me during that time I will respond to you Sunday morning.

I ship every day at 2pm central time except for Saturday.  If you ordered after this time it will be completed the next day.

Due to the number of records I get in, if I have more than one I will not create a new ad.  The rating will be for the worst of the group.  Example:  VG/W means every record in the group is very good but some of the sleeves are damaged.  I send the best record first.  So the record you get may not be the record in the picture, but it will never be in a worse condition.

All buy some get some free offers require full price to work.  Just add the number it says to the cart.  I do send offers to watched items just in case someone just wants one or two for them to get a small discount.  Again this will not work with the buy some get some deal.  So if you are after the buy some get some deal DO NOT ACCEPT OFFERS.

I do combine shipping just let me know.  If you want a shipping quote your zip code and the exact items you want will need to be indicated. I can?t see what?s in your cart, just like you can?t see what?s in mine.   Shipping is by weight so I must weigh the items.  Postage is charged by distance and weight, so yes if there is a seller in your state they can ship it cheaper than me.

I CANNOT COMBINE GLOBAL SHIPPING. If you?d like more than one item we will have to switch them to international shipping before you purchase.  REPEAT BEFORE YOU PURCHASE. Also I cannot see what you are being charged for import/export fees and cannot change them at all.  On global shipping I can only see what it costs to ship to the hub in the state of Kentucky and that?s it.

On groups of 45 rpm records, all of them will play on one side and they range from fair to very good.  There are no cracked or warped records in these lots.

If you have any questions feel free to message me.  Thanks again, Elizabeth