Dinosaur Jr. You're Living All Over Me (Vinyl) 12" Album

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Further Details

Title: You're Living All Over Me
Condition: New
Format: Vinyl
EAN: 0656605219714
Edition: 12" Album
Genre: Rock/Pop
Style: Indie/Alternative
Release Date: 03/10/2011
Release Year: 2011
No Of Discs: 1
Artist: Dinosaur Jr.
Run Time: 35.52
Record Label: Jagjaguwar
Description: Second studio album by the American alternative rock band, originally released in 1987. A refinement of the formula introduced on their debut, 'You're Living All Over Me' features drawling vocals paired with loud guitars and driving rhythms.
1-1 Little Furry Things
1-2 Kracked
1-3 Sludge Feast
1-4 The Lung
1-5 Raisans
1-6 Tarpit
1-7 In a Jar
1-8 Lose
1-9 Poledo

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