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Queen Night At The Opera!

1st UK  Cat No EMTC 103

-4 -6 Matrix Endings  "Blairs" & "Mr Blairs Cut" (Rare Variation, Master Pressers Signature) both sides on the run off grooves!

Earliest "1" to "1" Mother Stampers On Side One!

Very Near Mint Audio Quality! (Isolated Static ticks/pops interferance only)

No Spider Trails Around The Spindle Hole! Looks Barely Ever played In My Opinon!!

Complete Garrod & Lofthouse 1st Issue Embossed Gatefold Cover Stunning Condition!

 Unbeleivably rare!

An Archive Copy Never Need To Upgrade!

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Another from my personal collection. I own all of the QUEEN albums and I have most of the UK variations that I know of.  This being their fourth Queen album released over 43 years ago ! All of my Queen albums listed will be near mint Audio Archive copies and some may even be unplayed or at least only played once or twice only! This album was originally only ever played initially to record to tape and then stored in a case with the vinyl separated from the sleeve and cover for protection. This is how I have always stored my records. This is an early 1st UK variation so rare to find this mega early variation  -4 -6 matrix endings variation with "Blairs" and "Mr Blairs Cut" (Master pressers signatures on both sides) rarely seen variation especially in this awesome condition. The vinyl has only ever been played by me two times ever from new and the audio is to die for absolutely stunning through out! On initial inspection the vinyl looks unplayed in my opinion no visable spider marks around the spindle hole.!  So rich and vibrant it nearly shook the house down. One of the most vibrant sounding copies that I have heard!  Note: Please allow for isolated static type pops/ticks heard during some quieter places only.  (Note: Alowances must be made for these mid seventies pressings ticks and pops are common caused due to the nature of the way that the vinyl was supplied in a card record sleeve. Dirt and grit trapped in the sleeve caused surface scratches which is why I now and have done for forty odd years, stored my vinyls seperately from the sleeves and covers.) The original 1st issue  Garrod & Lofthouse Embossed gate fold cover has no splits or tears and has very,very,very minor storagewear only.  I would grade the cover at least excellent plus to near mint exceptional condition lovely clean and white see photos! A very clean Archive copy!

Actual recording from the vinyl:

Queen: A Night At The Opera: Side1. Your browser does not support the audio element. Queen: A Night At The Opera: Side2. Your browser does not support the audio element.

A Night at the Opera is the fourth studio album by British rock group Queen, released in November 1975. Co-produced by Roy Thomas Baker and Queen, it was the most expensive album ever recorded at the time of its release. A commercial success, A Night at the Opera has been voted by the public and cited by music publications as one of Queen's finest works.

The album takes its name from the Marx Brothers film A Night at the Opera, which the band watched one night at the studio complex when recording. The album was originally released by EMI in the United Kingdom, where it topped the UK Albums Chart for four non-consecutive weeks, and Elektra Records in the United States, where it peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 and became the band's first platinum selling album in the US.

At the time the most expensive album ever recorded, May has asserted in subsequent years that, had A Night at the Opera not been successful, Queen would have disbanded. Upon release, the album was a commercial success, debuting at No. 1 in the UK and topping the charts for four non-consecutive weeks. In the US, it debuted at No. 4, the band's strongest showing at that time.[citation needed] In 1977 "Bohemian Rhapsody" received two Grammy Award nominations for Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo, Group or Chorus and Best Arrangement for Voices.

In a contemporary review, Kris Nicholson of Rolling Stone magazine said that, although they share other heavy metal groups' penchant for "manipulating dynamics," Queen are an elite act in the genre and set themselves apart by incorporating "unlikely effects: acoustic piano, harp, acapella vocals, no synthesisers. Coupled with good songs." Melody Maker called the album a "must-have", encouraging listeners to "turn it up loud and enjoy", while the Winnipeg Free Press wrote: "The group's potential is practically limitless, indicating that Queen is destined to finally take its place among the small handful of truly major acts working in rock today." Robert Christgau, writing in The Village Voice, felt that the album "doesn't actually botch any of a half-dozen arty-to-heavy 'eclectic' modes ... and achieves a parodic tone often enough to suggest more than meets the ear." However, he questioned what "that more is".

In a retrospective review for Allmusic, Stephen Thomas Erlewine called the album "a self-consciously ridiculous and overblown hard rock masterpiece" and "prog rock with a sense of humour as well as dynamics". Erlewine felt that Queen "never bettered their approach anywhere else". In a 2006 review, Q also felt that they never topped the album, which the magazine said "remains glorious, monumental" as British rock music's "greatest extravagance.

" Uncut noted "the extent of the band's barmy diversity." Mojo called the album "an imperial extravaganza, a cornucopia", and Queen "a band of hungrily competitive individualists on a big roll of friendship and delight." Pitchfork Media's Dominique Leone said that the band topped their contemporaries on the album without limiting themselves or sparing any effort.

According to Rhapsody's Mike McGuirk, A Night at the Opera is often viewed as one of the greatest rock albums of all time. McGuirk felt that the album's combination of heavy metal, recording effects, theatrical sophistication, and British grandeur still make for an engaging listen.

The BBC said of the record: "Christmas 1975 was to be forever remembered as Queen’s. And A Night at the Opera remains their finest hour."

Side one

1. "Death on Two Legs
2. "Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon"
3. "I'm in Love with My Car"
4. "You're My Best Friend"
5. "'39"
6. "Sweet Lady"
7. "Seaside Rendezvous"

Side two
8. "The Prophet's Song"
9. "Love of My Life"
10. "Good Company"
11. "Bohemian Rhapsody"
12. "God Save the Queen" (Instrumental)

The Matrix

Side1 "YAX 5063-6" ("Blairs" Hand Etched on the run off grooves Master Pressers Signature only Early UK press)
Side2"YAX 5064-4"
("Mr Blairs Cut" Hand Etched  on the run off grooves Master Pressers Signature only Early UK press)

The Mother Stampers

Side 1. "1" "ORT" (Look Earliest "1" to "1" Mother Stampers)

Side 2 "4" "GHT"

The labels.

The original custom EMI  labels are in awesome condition! (These looks superb in my opinion)!   Amaizingly I can't see any spider marks/trails at all, even when angled to the light and of coarse (no) spindle ware. This has only ever been played one time only from new when I initially purchased it and one time to play grade for this listing. So rare  for an album that is 43years old! Impossible to find like this! very very collectable!

The vinyl.

The vinyl is absolutely superb! On initial visual inspection this looks like new and still retains its sheen from new! (please note this vinyl has only ever been  played by me personally and I originally played this to record to tape! In the last 40 years this has been stored in a case with the vinyl separated from the sleeve and cover to prevent ring ware and damage. This is how I have always stored my records, and of course I played this again to play grade at very loud volume on a top system!  In fact even when I look at the playing surface angled to a strong light I find it hard notice no more than one small very fine surface scratch, probably cause by grit been trapped between the sleeve and vinyl. Any other marks that could possible be seen when angled in strong light would be light whyspy surface scratches only and sleeve removal type only caused by dirt or grit trapped between the vinyl and card type sleeve. (comon with this album) which is why I seperated the vinyl to preserve the condition.

The Audio Quality

 I have played this through track for track prior to listing at very very loud volume on a top system! The moment the needle hits the playing surface it is obvious this vinyl has barely ever been played at all!  The audio quality is as you would expect when purchased new, superbe, TOP, TOP, TOP! cristal clear and extremely vibrant through out in fact this plays very vibrant in my opinion!    This played through superb unbelievable audio seperation, that I haven't heard like this before and stunning bassey feel throughout almost cd. quality for the most part on my systems! One of the most vibrant sounding audio copies that I have heard and early pressing makes all the difference! Any interferance was minimal in my opinion Note: some isolated static pops noted, heard during a quiet place in the track Bohemiam Rapsody to mention and isolated static ticks may be heard in quieter places common on these mid seventies pressings. Even in between tracks in general was lovely and quiet. This vinyl has been stored separately from the cover in a poly sleeve for over 40 years! This is the way I always  have stores my records! The vibrancy of the audio on this pressing in my opinion is almost as good as it gets for a very early 1st issue variation! Even in between tracks this is very quiet!   I would class myself as highly critical and this is a truly exceptional sounding vinyl   by this awesome rock band ''Queen'' and so hard to find tlike this! Please check my completed listings of records that i have sold of this quality and you will see that i normally get it right! I would grade the audio at least excellent plus to near as mint for the most part through out! (note: please allow for isolated static type pops/ticks as mentioned previously heard in isolated quiet places only common on these mid seventies pressings)

Please note! That i always make this disclaimer! Allowances must be made for these mid seventies pressings. Dirt and grit trapped in between the card record sleeve and record causes surface scratches. Please allow for the odd isolated static/ pops/ticks heard as mentioned previously, certainly not consistent throughout the audio. This is a genuine 43 year old vinyl that would have originally been played on a 43 year old system! Genuinly only ever played two times ever!

Points to note! This has been stored in a case laying dormant for at least 40 years! A build up of dirt and dust in the grooves from laying dormant causes static crackle\ticks! A constant clean before each play is recommended ! This would reduce any static and enhance the audio quality!

The Record Sleeve

This is the original thick card type cardboard picture record sleeve, with rounded corners (only 1st issues) later issues are square. clean and straight.  Note: some crease lines at the sides noted, noticed if looked for and corner storage warecreases. Note: becoming fragile and beginning to split at the side edge to mention, not really noticed unless looked for in my opinion!

The Cover

This is the original and earliest 1st UK issue Garrod & Lofthouse  printed un laminated Embossed front gate fold cover! (No Barcode) This is absolutely superbe  brilliant clean and  white! Rare to find in this awesome condition super straight in  appearance and the 1st issue with embossed front (Later pressings have glossy type front and not embossed with barcode at the rear)(see photos) No nasty creases to mention at all! Any rubbing or indents or edge lines are hard to notice, really only noticed if looked for in my opinion(See Photos) The spine is absolutely square like it was when new. Truly remarkabel for nearly 43 years old!  JUST TRY TO FIND A BETTER ORIGINAL 1st ISSUE! I would grade the cover at least excellent plus To Very Near Mint! No splits or tears.




As always I have tried to give my honest personal opinion when describing items listed! Although it is my honest opinion! I always urge others to do their own personal research on any items that they are interested in purchasing, before, they commit to bidding!) I have Highlighted all aspects as clearly as possible!! I have taken time to play this vinyl track for track to give a clear and accurate description of the audio quality as i hear it. (please look at my completed listings of albums that I have sold of this calaber (more than 1000 items) and you will see that I normally get it right) I have also provided as many photos as I can and supersized so that all aspects can be seen clearly in strong light!!!!!Please note! These photos are the actual item for sale and not copies of other items!!!!!!!

Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions regarding this item or any other items that I have listed!





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All items are despatched securely with ample reinforcement (It is my prime interest to make sure that the items arrive in the same condition that they left me!!!!

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