Harry Manfredini And Fred Mollin – Friday The 13th Part VII The New Blood

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Tracklist: A1PrologueA2Main TitleA3Flashback*A4Dad's DeathA5Tina's ThemeA6The Pier 12 Years LaterA7Matchbook ExerciseA8Tina SummonsA9Jason ResurrectedA10Tina's VisionA11This Is Some Birthday*B1Mom, I Saw Him Again**B2Dan & Judy*B3Jason Impales DanB4Sleeping Bag Bash*B5Nick & TinaB6Pearls Go FlyingB7I Hate This Place*B8Flying TVB9Skinny Dip***B10Russell Gets AxedB11Mom In The StudyC1Tina Overhears CrashesC2Death From AboveC3Kate's MurderC4Nick & Tina Find MikeC5Blood On The Floor*C6It Was Him In The LakeC7Robin's DeathC8Human Body Shield*C9Death By Bush Trimmer*D1Tina Finds Mom And Meets JasonD2Melissa Meets Jason / ConfrontationD3Jason Comes Up For Air / Jason UnmaskedD4Jason Grabs Tina / Nails / Tina Burns JasonD5Resurrecting DadD6Ambulance / Where's Jason? We Took Care Of HimD7End TitleD8End Credits

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