Japanese 70s & 80s Kayokyoku/Rock Vinyl Lot 9 LPs (Alfee, Mayumi Itsuwa, & More)

Sold Date: May 25, 2023
Start Date: January 18, 2023
Final Price: $20.00 (USD)
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Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi - Kaze wa Minami kara (NM/VG+)     Obi and insert
Kazuhisa Okubo ‎"Out Of..." (E/E) Obi and insert
Akira Fuse “Ai yo Tobe” (E/VG+)
Kaguya Hime “Thhe Kaguyahime Forever” NM/VG+     Obi and insert

Mayumi Itsuwa “Nokoribi” NM/VG

Motoyoshi Hosotsubo “Mokusei” E/VG+

Alfee “doubt,” E/E-
    Obi and insert

RC Succession “Please” E/E

Hirosuke “Who Lie Bow” E/E
    Obi (ripped) and insert

This is an older item so please be aware of this when making your purchase. There will be some normal signs of wear that are associated with vinyl records and their sleeves. Please check the photos to confirm that you are okay with the condition. Please note that items that were only visually graded may have a slight difference in grading as playback was not confirmed.  All records are visually graded unless otherwise stated.

S: Sealed and never opened.
M: Unsealed, but unused
NM: No visible marks on the record.
E: Slight signs of use by previous owner(s), such as small scuffs or very light scratches
E-: Visible scratches/scruffs
VG+: Average signs of wear (scuffs, deeper scratches, potential for slight warp)
VG: Groove wear, deep scratches, possible ticks or pops, stains, possible slight to moderate warp, etc.
G+: Groove wear, heavy scratches and scruffs, skipping, etc.