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Sold Date: January 13, 2020
Start Date: January 1, 2020
Final Price: $350.00 (USD)
Seller Feedback: 3196
Buyer Feedback: 57

Original U.S. 1st press, Kak, Epic BN26429, VG+ cover (see pictures), Side 1 is VG+, Side 2 is VG
VG vinyl means I see light scratches when grading it under a bare bulb. There's nothing deep, no pops, skips or needle sticks or anything like that. It wouldn't be VG if any of those things were a problem. That would make it Fair(F) or maybe Good(G) at best. You might see some of these scratches under normal lighting but it's more noticeable under a bare bulb. There may be some soft tics but nothing distracting. It's still very enjoyable. It's not perfect but it's nowhere near trashed and will play very good. A record like this would only be a problem to somebody who is obsessed with having everything near mint.