The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem S/T 1961 Tradition 1042 Irish Folk LP Sealed

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The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem S/T 1961 Tradition 1042 Irish Folk LP Sealed The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem S/T 1961 Tradition 1042 Irish Folk LP Sealed

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Established 1999

The Clancy Brothers And Tommy Makem



Genre: Irish Folk Songs   Format: 12" 33 RPM LP Released:  1961 Label: VG+ Tradition TLP 1042 Jacket: Sealed   Inner Sleeve: Original  Vinyl Surface: Sealed Audio Quality: Sealed   Grading is described below... Please scroll down ALL used vinyl cleaned and play-tested   ABBREVIATED NOTATIONS                                                                                                                  DH Drill hole on cover or sleeve or both DJ Promo copy PS Picture Sleeve CC Cut Corners, or cut on the jacket. Re Reissue SOL Sticker on the label SOC Sticker on the cover WOL Writing on the label WOC Writing on the cover TOL Tear on the label TOC Tear on the cover Want to preserve your vinyl records, forever? Never touch the surface with your fingers; the body oils will destroy the audio quality and leave prints. Fingernail scratches. 
Use both hands; lifting by its edge. 
Always sleeve the disc; never lay it on any surface unprotected.  
Store them standing on the edge, away from heat and light.
Clean them once in a while.
Your grandchildren will appreciate the effort.   HASSLE FREE RETURNS

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 All vinyl cleaned if needed on a Nitty Gritty Mini-Pro and play-tested on an STR8-100 Stanton Turntable 

Please refer to my grades below (not someone else's). Many buyers and sellers have differing opinions on grading.
The following grades are considered desirable and collectible. Anything below them would have to be extremely rare to be considered so. Prices are adjusted down, accordingly.
Factory Sealed /SS: Still in shrink wrap. Assumed to be in NM or MT condition, but not always necessarily so.
Mint /MT: I do not use this, only because it would be conjecture based on the eye of the beholder.
Near Mint /NM: Looks and sounds like a new record. They may have slight minimal imperfections such as insignificant tiny marks: a hairline, sleeve wisp or a tiny scuff.
VG++: If NM was a 9.5 then this is a 9.0 
Very Good Plus /VG+: This will have signs of being handled through normal use. It will usually still retain a good gloss. Light surface scratches or hairlines, Light scuff(s).Minimal wear to the label including writing (WOL) or Sticker (SOL)or tear (TOL). May have a slight non-threatening edge warp. The audio quality will be near to NM, possible light noise which will not compete with vocals or music.
Very Good /VG: This is a pronounced version of the VG+ grade. This grade may or may not be compounded by multiple issues as described in a VG+ grade. There will be Surface wear and/or some surface or background noise. Maybe label wear, SOL. or WOL. Edge chip or warping which does not affect play. An inexpensive alternative to NM

Good/Good+ If you are new to collecting or buying records, you should know that this grade is opposite of what it suggests. It is trashed and most times unplayable. Collectors buy these records mostly because they are rare and inexpensive. I have seen records in this condition sell for $10,000.(SUN Label), simply because it is extremely rare. So buyer beware when you see GD+. If I list one in my store, it will be described in full detail.
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