SIR LORD BALTIMORE Kingdom Come lp vinyl record original 1970 Mercury raw metal

Sold Date: March 19, 2023
Start Date: February 7, 2023
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1970 U.S. Mercury SR 61328 recorded at Electric Lady Studios

VINYL: VG++, 8/10 - glossy disc shows little indication of play, clean labels show no spindle abuse

COVER: VG, 6/10 - Unipak foldout jacket has 2 corner scrunches, punch hole, plain inner sleeve as issued


U.S. .75 each additional lp


 From my personal collection of 50+ years. Always stored upright and in a smoke-free environment. Any flaws/defects will be listed and/or pictured. Questions or requests for more info. please ask, hopefully well in advance of auction ending. Records packed with disc outside of jacket enclosed in poly liner using lp mailers with filler pads for safe shipping.

Records professionally cleaned using Nitty Gritty vacuum before inspecting under strong incandescent  light. Conservative, consistent grading based on Goldmine standards(see below). 1-10 numeric grade also provided(10 is Mint). Visual grade unless noted otherwise.

Gradings: * M (MINT, 10/10)  Brand new sealed(no re-wrap) record.

* NM (NEAR MINT, 9 - 9.5/10) High sheen and sharply-grooved disc played maybe once or twice, if at all. Jacket, liner and any inserts close to flawless. Rarely used.

* VG ++ (VERY GOOD ++, or EXCELLENT, 8 - 8.5/10) Still glossy disc may have minor surface hairlines that will have little to no impact on play, label may have a sticker and minimal faint spindle trail marks. Jacket could show a bit of wear, mild creasing, clean bb hole or saw-cut and possibly a sticker.

* VG + (6.5 - 7.5/10) Disc could show some loss in original sheen and have surface scuffs/hairlines that may provide occasional light crackle and possible soft ticks. Labels may have writing and/or sticker. Covers will be solid, possibly having two or three of the following:  light to moderate wear / stickers / writing / creasing / small splits / punch holes / notches. 

* VG (5 - 6/10) Disc will likely have some light scratches, but no skips, sticks, warps, etc. Jackets will show more wear than VG+ and may have more noticeable damage.

* VG - (4 - 4.5/10) Disc will have lost much lustre and have noticeable scratches but no skips or sticks. Jackets will most likely have splitting, writing, stickers, bb holes/, notches, creases.

*G (Good) Rarely used, not really all that good


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