Pestilence ‎– Testimony Of The Ancients LP Vinyl Reissue (2017) Death Metal

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Vinyl reissue of the 1991 Death Metal classic. Comes with lyrics insert.
Title: PESTILENCE - Testimony Of The Ancients
A1The Secrecies Of Horror4:55A2Bitterness0:30A3Twisted Truth4:02A4Darkening0:30A5Lost Souls3:40A6Blood0:28A7Land Of Tears4:46A8Free Us From Temptation0:31B1Prophetic Revelations5:21B2Impure0:59B3Testimony3:50B4Soulless0:32B5Presence Of The Dead5:50B6Mindwarp0:24B7Stigmatized5:22B8In Sorrow1:12