Sold Date: August 16, 2021
Start Date: June 16, 2021
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Dear Vinyl-Lovers,

Here you'll get one antiskating record to optimize your turntables antiskating skills perfectly. It is an original vinyl record  without groove, so called blank side.

It is very simple to use and you will get the best antiskating performance of your turntable ever.

It is more effective and better in use as traditional antiskating patterns because you are able to see directly how your pick-up-systems performs playing this special record without a groove. 

I only send products which i would use myself, too! 

Of course, this record could be used many times AND will not damage your needle/diamont because it is a real vinyl record not PVC or plastic-like.

Please notice i am only able to pack and send on weekends!
...BUT i'll send you this record perfectly packed with tracking number and insurance!

 I appraise all records I pack to ship and hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide will confirm my good products.

I will ship worldwide (please ask shipping pricing if you buy more stuff in my shop, because shipping costs depend on weight and country)

Due to actual Virus situation not all countries can be delivered. If so I will send your money back and hopefully the Corona crisis find to an fast end and after that you will get your TROXXY antisk8t record.

Stay save and have fun listening to vinyl recordsJ
Feel free to ask me questions, I play vinyl since 1983J