Sold Date: October 14, 2021
Start Date: October 14, 2021
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TOOL-  LP and Sleeve Mint 

Please check out the other auctions and listing, lot of great stuff available.
We use proper LP Mailers with a pad, if a record is not sealed, then we ship the record outside the jacket, to avoid seam splits. We do not open sealed records.
There are lot of imports that are not sealed, if something is used it will described as used record.
Please make sure your shipping address is correct on Ebay etc. We don't change addresses, Ebay pretty much handles everything.

We do combine orders, we use proper LP Mailer with Pads. Please check for more listings.
International Buyers Please understand due to the times, packages are NOT arriving at the same speed. Please be patient.
Any International order above 4 Lbs weight is shipped via Priority Mail, which seems to move faster than regular First Class Mail.
A 4Lbs international package ships via Priority Mail, there is no other way to ship, there is no cheaper way to ship, but you actually save money per item.

Everyone outside of USA, shipping is $24 for 0-2Lb, you can add another single LP for no extra charge on shipping.  Every additional pound after that add $10, so 3Lbs would be $35.  It is best to dollar cost average so you pay least amount for shipping  per item, so 4Lbs is best at $45, you can have 4-5 single Lps, which comes out to be about $9 a record shipped.