Badfinger: At The BBC 1969-1970 Vinyl LP (available for immediate dispatch)

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The Iveys had been a moderately successful Swansea-based beat group in the mid-sixties performing cover versions of the latest pop and soul records before they engaged Liverpudlian Bill Collins as their manager. Collins had known the Beatles back in 1962-63 and was chummy with their road manager Mal Evans, who came along to an Iveys gig in January 1968. This led to the group being signed by Apple Records for a three-year deal. Tom Evans’ composition Maybe Tomorrow was the first single. Although it bombed in the UK and USA, it was an international smash released in 20 countries worldwide. “We felt our original name was too nice. And people kept asking us if we were the old Ivy League.” In November 1969, The Iveys changed their name to Badfinger to coincide with the release of their recording of the Paul McCartney song, Come And Get It. Side One of this set contains songs recorded by the Iveys for the BBC in 1969, and Side Two consists of Badfinger sessions from 1970 for the BBC and a couple of tracks* for the German TV programme, Beat Club. Recording quality is excellent throughout except for Birthday and Nobody where unfortunately a better quality source was not available.

The Iveys

BBC Sessions 1969

Maybe Tomorrow Drive My Car Just One Look When Will I Be Loved The Way You Do The Things You Do Respect Birthday Nobody


Tracks 1-5: March 11, 1969 BBC Aeolian Hall Studio, Jimmy Young Show

Track 6: January 20, 1969 BBC Maida Vale Studios, Sounds Like Tony Brandon

Tracks 7-8: July 31, 1969 BBC Maida Vale Studios, Sounds Like Tony Brandon


Pete Ham
Joey Molland
Ron Griffiths
Mike Gibbins


BBC/Beat Club* Sessions 1970

Come And Get It (1) Come And Get It (2) Rock Of All Ages (1) Midnight Sun I Can't Take It Believe Me Come And Get It* (3) Rock Of All Ages* (2)


Track 1: January 29, 1970 Top Of The Pops Studios (detuned Eb version)

Tracks 2-4: January 19, 1970 BBC Maida Vale Studios

Tracks 5-6: June 1, 1970 BBC Maida Vale Studios

Tracks 7-8: February 28, 1970 ADR Bremen

Pete Ham
Joey Molland
Tom Evans
Mike Gibbins