Sophie Ellis-Bextor The Song Diaries (Vinyl) 12" Album

Sold Date: April 30, 2023
Start Date: August 31, 2022
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Further Details

Title: The Song Diaries
Condition: New
Format: Vinyl
EAN: 0711297388411
Edition: 12" Album
Genre: Rock/Pop
Style: Pop
Release Date: 15/03/2019
Release Year: 2019
No Of Discs: 2
Artist: Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Record Label: EGBG/Cooking Vinyl
1-1 Groovejet
1-2 Take Me Home
1-3 Murder On the Dancefloor
1-4 Move This Mountain
1-5 Music Gets the Best of Me
1-6 Mixed Up World
1-7 Catch You
1-8 Me and My Imagination
1-9 Today the Sun's On Us
2-1 Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer)
2-2 Bittersweet
2-3 Not Giving Up On Love
2-4 Young Blood
2-5 Love Is a Camera
2-6 Wild Forever
2-7 A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed
2-8 Love Is You

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