Kaleo A/B (Vinyl) 12" Album

Sold Date: December 3, 2022
Start Date: October 3, 2022
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Further Details

Title: A/B
Artist: Kaleo
Format: Vinyl
Condition: New
Number Of Discs: 1
Release Date: 09/09/2016
Genre: Rock/Pop
Sub Genre: Indie/Alternative
Label: Atlantic
Catalogue Number: 0075678664564
1-1 No Good
1-2 Way Down We Go
1-3 Broken Bones
1-4 Glass House
1-5 Hot Blood
1-6 All the Pretty Girls
1-7 Automobile
1-8 Vor I Vaglaskogi
1-9 Save Yourself
1-10 I Can't Go On Without You

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