V.A. - The Mood Mosaic 19 - Free Form (Vinyl 2LP - 2022 - EU - Original)

Sold Date: February 7, 2023
Start Date: December 7, 2022
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The 19th new chapter of the cult series Mood Mosaic has finally arrived. "Free Form" is shaping up to be the best seller of the whole series.


A1 The Soulscratchers - Funky Chimes Pt 1 E 2
A2 Alan Tew - The Build Up (Gentle In The Night)
A3 The Mystic Moods - Cosmic Sea
B1 Placebo - Balek
B2 Etta James - You Give Me What I Want
B3 The Counts - What's Up Front That Counts
C1 The Free Pop Electronic Concept
C2 J.C. Heavy - Mr Deal
C3 Niebiesko Czarni
D1 The Dave Myeers Effect - Silent Screamer
D2 The Funk Revolution - Izzy Come, Izzy Go
D3 Key & Cleary - A Man
D4 The Neapolitans - Hakusha