Young Dolph - Rich Slave Deluxe Black Friday Record Store Day 20 (US - Original)

Sold Date: April 14, 2023
Start Date: March 14, 2023
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Black Friday Record Store Day 2022 Edition. Color: Opaque Orange / Blue. Limitation: 4000 copies.
The deluxe version of the seventh studio album by the late, great Memphis legend, Young Dolph. The album marks Dolph's highest charting release and serves as his commentary on how he is perceived: that no matter how much money he has, in the eyes of America, he will always be a slave. The album features select guest verses from Key Glock, G Herbo and Megan Thee Stallion, who appears on the scorching radio hit “RNB”. Following his untimely demise, Rich Slave serves as an album that showed Young Dolph’s immense growth, his ability to provide social commentary on complex current events, and his ability to inspire those after him to pursue entrepreneurship.

A double vinyl release, with one disc pressed on Opaque Orange and one on Opaque Blue vinyl.


A1 Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up
A2 Black Friday
A3 To Be Honest
A4 I See $'s
A5 Corduroy Houseshoes Skit
B1 What's Da Business
B2 The Land
B3 Death Row
B4 Cray Cray
B5 Rnb Feat. Megan Thee Stallion
B6 Rich Slave
B7 Until I Rot
C1 Blue Diamonds
C2 No Sense Feat. Key Glock
C3 Benz
C4 1 Scale Feat. G Herbo
C5 Large Amounts
C6 Fast
D1 Gimme My Bag
D2 Green Light Feat. Key Glock
D3 Scotch
D4 Obey Your Thirst
D5 No Regrets Feat. Kenny Muney
D6 Buy My Way In Heaven