LED ZEPPELIN 'III' Rare Original 1970 MONO White label Promo only LP

Sold Date: December 1, 2019
Start Date: November 21, 2019
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   (Atlantic 7201) Original 1970 1st US pressing white label Mono Promo LP 
   (see photos for track listing)

   Visual grading of disc: Strong VG+ to VG++ 

Record easily plays VG++ and even better on most of it.

(I was Music Director at our radio station - I remember when these 'mono' LP's started to trickle in, trying to really understand why they were being made. Mono AM stations weren't playing album cuts. I would just file these in my music office.  Memories are hazy from those days - a long time ago, but it's doubtful this LP was played much and if so, only briefly and in chunks, but I doubt it. Our FM station hadn't signed on with the AOR format yet and our AM station was too busy playing The Carpenters, The Jackson Five, The Guess Who etc to even consider playing Led Zep - I know we never did. This sat around getting handled a bit, then taken home, where it also was handled a bit more, but for what, I can't imagine nor remember. There seriously wasn't much use for anything MONO in those days - STEREO was "In" and a big deal, especially with new FM stereo receivers starting to show up in cars. MONO was out of fashion.
Bottom line: it's doubtful this entire LP has been played more than twice total if even that.

I did have to replace the inner sleeve on this LP which was torn up and that's probably where the faint marks came from. The downside to MONO discs, is that even faint scratches are much more audible than they are on a STEREO disc. 

Expect some very light occasional noise, especially in quiet passages. I don't sell records that have 'feelable' marks.
This pressing is a standard weight Atlantic pressing from 1970 - but for grins I weighed it and it's 5.6 ounces which equals 159 grams.) 

Etched in deadwax:
Side one: A - 13469 - C
Side two: A - 13470 - C

   Condition of sleeve: Gatefold sleeve is in decent shape for 50 years old. Some age discoloration on all sides
in white areas.  Photos # 5, 6 & 7 show the spine, top edge (which has a small frayed
spot in the center of the back flap - however it is 'not' split) and bottom edge in last photo. Unfortunately, the
eyelet for the pinwheel has come off, which is pretty common with this early pressings. On the plus side,
a guy by the name of Clive Young has a pretty cool video up on YouTube showing you how to fix this.
If I hadn't turned 70 a few months ago and if my eyesight was not in the shitter, I would try to replace the eyelet.
It's pointless for me to attempt that at my age. But 'you' can do it. You can see Clive's video 

Use zoom feature on photos to get a closer look





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Mint minus: A scuff or two or a very light mark or two on either or both sides that may possibly be heard.
VG++: One step down. A few faint marks or paper scuffs that may be audible. May show some signs of use.
VG+: Scuffs & some minor scratches in the playing area. Some will more than likely be heard.
VG: Many scuffs or scratches that will be heard but record should still play through.

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