Tower of Power - Step Up [New Vinyl LP]

Sold Date: May 17, 2021
Start Date: March 17, 2020
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Tower of Power - Step Up [New Vinyl LP]

Artist: Tower of Power

Title: Step Up

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Pop

UPC: 181475706717

Release Date: 2020

Record Label: Artistry Music

Album Tracks

1. East Bay! All the Way!
2. Step Up
3. The Story of You and I
4. Who Would Have Thought?
5. Addicted to You
6. Look in My Eyes
7. You Da One
8. Sleeping with You Baby
9. If It's Tea Give Me Coffee
10. Beyond My Wildest Dreams
11. Any Excuse Will Do
12. If You Wanna Be a Winner
13. Let's Celebrate Our Love
14. East Bay! Oaktown All the Way!

Double vinyl LP pressing. 2020 release. With a landmark 50th anniversary album, 2018's Soul Side of Town, still visible in their rearview mirror, one would think Tower of Power, the much-lauded creators of their own horn-based, hybrid brand of East Bay soul/funk/R&B/rock, would take a well-deserved breather. But that is not in the band's DNA, nor that of it's founder and ringmaster, tenor saxophonist and bandleader Emilio Castillo. Now, with Step Up, the band forges on into the next decade of the 21st century reinvigorated with the addition of new talent, most notably the phenomenal young lead vocalist, Marcus Scott. Marcus replaced TOP's longtime lead singer, Ray Greene, who makes his final appearance with the band on Step Up. Also taking his bows on the new album is 30-year TOP veteran bassist Francis 'Rocco' Prestia, who is stepping back from life on the road and whose driving fingerstyle funk is ably replaced on tour by Marc Van Wageningen. From the band's debut up to Step Up, the TOP sound remains true to Emilio's original musical vision: reach inside the deep, multidimensional well of what is broadly called soul music and bring together all it's diverse components in a singular, emotional sound.

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