Abiotic - Ikigai [New Vinyl LP]

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Abiotic - Ikigai [New Vinyl LP]

Artist: Abiotic

Title: Ikigai

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Heavy Metal

UPC: 123184003916

Release Date: 2021

Record Label: The Artisan Era

Album Tracks

1. Natsukashii
2. Ikigai
3. Covered the Cold Earth
4. Smoldered
5. The Wrath
6. If I Do Die
7. Souvenir of Skin
8. Her Opus Mangle
9. Horadric Cube
10. Grief Eater, Tear Drinker
11. Gyokusai

Having written Ikigai over the course of the last couple of years and finishing this record during a pandemic, the band brings out pain, grief, desperation, and perseverance in every note, every chord, and every word. With lyrics touching on topics of suicide, depression, addiction, climate change and the struggle of finding a reason for being, Abiotic makes this record real and relatable in every sense. This album is without a doubt the best material they've ever put together, with brand new elements, and a production/mix that has taken the sound to new heights.

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