Jawbreaker - Bivouac [New Vinyl LP]

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Jawbreaker - Bivouac [New Vinyl LP]

Artist: Jawbreaker

Title: Bivouac

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Alternative Rock

UPC: 759718089912

Release Date: 2012

Record Label: Blackball Records

Album Tracks

1. Shield Your Eyes
2. Big
3. Chesterfield King
4. Sleep
5. Donatello
6. Face Down
7. P.S. New York Is Burning
8. Like a Secret
9. Tour Song
10. You Don't Know
11. Pack It Up
12. Parabola
13. Bivouac
14. Peel It the Fuck Down
15. Ache

Vinyl LP pressing. Digitally re-mastered and expanded 20th Anniversary edition of this 1992 album from the influential Indie Punk trio. This groundbreaking album has been re-mastered by John Golden from the original tapes, and the increased sampling rate boosts some of the bottom end and mid-range. The reissue features restored original artwork, and all formats include additional band photos from the time of recording. The album wound up on a lot of fanzine Top Ten lists and Rolling Stone listed it as one of the Ten Most Influential Emo Albums of All Time.

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