Kid Loco - Born In The 60's [New Vinyl LP] France - Import

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Kid Loco - Born In The 60's [New Vinyl LP] France - Import

Artist: Kid Loco

Title: Born In The 60's

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

UPC: 3596974066564

Release Date: 2022

Record Label: Balagan

Album Tracks

1. Arnold Layne
2. Back Street Girl
3. Casey Jones
4. Happy Together
5. Help Me
6. If It's Monday Morning
7. Little Doll
8. My Girl
9. Sunny
10. Suspicious Minds
11. When the Train Comes Along

Revealed in the late 90s with his astonishing album A Grand Love Story, Kid Loco soon became a successful act on the international Trip Hop scene. The Parisian artist is back with an album of covers called Born In The 60's. On this is record, Kid Loco pays tribute to all the acts he admires since he was a teenager, with cool tempo versions of The Rolling Stones, The Stooges, The Pink Floyd and even The Temptations.

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