Badfinger Kansas City 1972: Live FM Broadcast from the Cowto (Vinyl) (UK IMPORT)

Sold Date: November 9, 2023
Start Date: October 9, 2023
Final Price: $37.35 (USD)
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Further Details

Title: Kansas City 1972: Live FM Broadcast from the Cowtown Ballroom
Condition: New
Format: Vinyl
EAN: 0803341533295
Edition: 12" Album
Genre: Rock/Pop
Style: Rock
Release Date: 02/12/2022
Release Year: 2022
No Of Discs: 2
Artist: Badfinger
Record Label: Parachute
1-1 Better Days
1-2 Midnight Sun
1-3 Sometimes
1-4 Sweet Tuesday Morning
1-5 We're for the Dark
1-6 Feelin' Alright
1-7 Take It All
1-8 Suitcase
1-9 Day After Day
1-10 No Matter What
1-11 Rip It Up
1-12 I Can't Take It
1-13 Only You Know and I Know

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