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The fifth studio album from singer-songwriter Shakira, 

Laundry Service is available exclusively on gold splattered clear vinyl. 

The Colombian icon's first crossover album offers a stacked roster of 

pop faves with Andean, dance, Middle Eastern and tango influences heard throughout. 

Featuring the singles “Whenever, Wherever” and “Underneath Your Clothes.” 

2001, Sony.

1. Objection (Tango)
2. Underneath Your Clothes
3. Whenever, Wherever
4. Rules (Album Version)
5. The One (Album Version)
6. Ready for the Good Times (Album Version)
7. Fool (Album Version)
8. Te Dejo Madrid (Album Version)
9. Poem to a Horse (Album Version)
10. Que Me Quedes Tu (Album Version)
11. Eyes Like Yours (Ojos Así) (Album Version)
12. Suerte (Whenever, Wherever) (Album Version)
13. Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Tango) (Album Version)