David Bowie – The Broadcast Collection [12'' VINYL BOXSET] NEW & SEALED

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All Vinyl Records Are Bubble Wrapped And Packaged Using The Highest Quality Cardboard Record Defenders.
Vinyl: MINT SS Sleeve: MINT SS
All vinyl records are carefully and thoroughly graded by one of the specialists. All recordings are visually inspected under high-intensity lights, using our own grading system which is highlighted below.


  New Sealed
  Mint (SS)

(Mint condition sealed) The record is sealed in its original packaging and has never been played.

  Mint- (M-)

(Mint condition) This is the highest grade for records that have been played. The vinyl is in excellent condition and shows no visible signs of wear or damage that will affect sound quality.


(Very Good+) While not absolutely flawless: the condition is very good, showing only minimal signs of use. Any visible blemishes should have minimal effect on play quality, though light surface noise maybe present at very quiet portions or between tracks. This is a record that should satisfy all but the strictest of collectors. There may be slight ring or cover wear, or minor writing on the cover.


(Very Good) Vinyl may have scratches and/or other visual blemishes, but should play through without skipping or repeating. Light to moderate surface noise and/or crackle may be present, however not overly distracting. Covers may have moderate ring and/or edge wear, cut-outs / hole punches, or a moderate seam splits.

  VG- and below

(Very Good-) Sound quality is low and the cover may be in very poor shape. We consider any item graded at or below VG- as a fair or low-grade item. We only sell records rated VG- and above unless a record is rare enough to warrant a spot in a collection on that alone.

The 1980 Floorshow - 1973 Broadcast A-1David Bowie–1984/DooDoo A-2David Bowie–Sorrow A-3David Bowie–Everythings Alright A-4David Bowie–Space Oddity B-5David Bowie–1984 B-6David Bowie–I Can´t Explain B-7David Bowie–Time B-8David Bowie–The Jean Genie B-8David Bowie–I Got You Babe (with Marianne Faithfull) The Ohio Shuffle - Agora Ballroom, Cleveland 1977 Featuring Iggy Pop C-10David Bowie, Iggy Pop–Raw Power C-11David Bowie, Iggy Pop–1969 C-12David Bowie, Iggy Pop–Turn Blue C-13David Bowie, Iggy Pop–Sister Midnight C14David Bowie, Iggy Pop–I Need Somebody C-15David Bowie, Iggy Pop–Search & Destroy D-16David Bowie, Iggy Pop–TV Eye D-17David Bowie, Iggy Pop–Dirt D-18David Bowie, Iggy Pop–Funtime D-19David Bowie, Iggy Pop–Gimme Danger D-20David Bowie, Iggy Pop–No Fun D-21David Bowie, Iggy Pop–I Wanna Be Your Dog David Bowie & Nine Inch Nails Back In Anger Live 1995 (Part 2) E-22David Bowie–The Jean Genie/Star