Pounding Northern Classic, Billy Storm, Please Don't Mention, HBR Picture,1966.

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FROM 1966 ON THE ORIGINAL U.S. " HBR " ( Hanna Barbera Records ) DEMO RELEASE IN VG+ CONDITION & COMES IN THE LOVELY PICTURE SLEEVE, CLEAN UNMARKED LABELS AS SHOWN, THE RECORD HAS A SLIGHT EDGE CURL THAT HAS A SLIGHT " WHOOSH  " BUT ONLY ON THE RUN IN SECTION & NOT AFFECTING PLAY, BIG VOCAL POUNDING PRODUCTION THAT SOUNDS GREAT PLAYED LOUD & IN A BIG VENUE, RECORD BELOW TO HEAR IT, Is there a Latino Northern Soul renaissance stirring… Just starting to trigger vivid visions of the feelgood 80’s and 90s, just like Tommy Navarro again takes to the turntables of the British NS venues… I find it quite invigorating to re-encounter the unobvious oldies saturated in Latin-Cool. Vocally these boys are right-up alongside any of the very best Soulful Crooners, you care to mention, especially Billy Storm who as you know, boasts an impressive catalog of Northern Soul offerings..THIS IS THE " EDUCATED FOOL "  WITH HIS BEST & RAREST RELEASE & FORMAT............." BILLY STORM " WITH.............
                                                                                                         " PLEASE DON'T MENTION HER NAME "                                         B/W.....THE WARMEST LOVE. Powered by eCommercePlayer.com