From Genesis To Revelation

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From Genesis To Revelation




1 Where the Sour Turns to Sweet


2 In the Beginning


3 Fireside Song


4 The Serpent


5 Am I Very Wrong?


6 In the Wilderness


7 The Conqeror


8 In Hiding


9 One Day


10 Window


11 In Limbo


12 The Silent Sun


13 A Place to Call My Own


Genesis was founded in 1967 by pupils of Charterhouse School in Surrey. The road to the recording studio began when old boy Jonathan King, whose single, 'Everyone's Gone To The Moon' had reached the Top 5 in 1965, returned to his alma mater and a friend of the band pressed a demo tape into his hand. The boys involved were unknown to King, being a couple of years younger, but he was impressed. Recently formed from an amalgamation of two school outfits, the Garden Wall and the Anon, they didn't even have a name, so King christened them Genesis, 'feeling this was the beginning of my production career.' 'From Genesis To Revelation' was a concept album, the idea being to tell the story of the evolution of mankind in thirteen songs. String arrangements by Arthur Greenslade (commissioned by their producer to the reported 'surprise and annoyance' of the band) disguised any deficiencies but the album's original hymnbook-style black and gold cover didn't encourage purchase by rock fans. Only 650 copies passed over the counter, despite a rave review from International Times magazine. Early fans and late adopters alike will find something to enjoy in this naïve but promising debut disc.