Phish Junta New 2012 Pollock Limited Edition 3xLP Rare New Sealed 1831 of 5.000

Sold Date: September 10, 2019
Start Date: September 1, 2019
Final Price: $350.00 (USD)
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Phish Junta New 2012 Pollock Limited Edition 3xLP Vinyl Rare New Sealed RSD. Will be shipping USPS Multi Media.

Number 001831 of 5,000

The Cover and Spine of the album look Mint, I don’t see any dents on the corners. Before shipping I will message you detailed photos before packing.

The very rare Phish Junta Album Sold in 2012 on record day. This is the album that is 1 of 5,000;it also has the limited poster of 5,000 by “Pollock’.

I purchased 3 of these albums myself on recorded day at the “Sound Garden” in Syracuse,New York after waiting an hour and a half in line.

The only way to by this album now is from an individual collector. I’ve protected this album for 7 years and has been kept out of the light in a room I store all my important collectibles that is a constant temperature and the album has been kept flat on a shelf. It’s time to pass this album on to another Phish collect who will appreciate this amazing album that will continue to grow in value like all Phis collectibles.

When it’s shipped it will come in between to layers of thick cardboard to prevent it from any movement and protecting the cover from any damage to the corners


When it arrived you will need to carefully cut all 4 sides of the package and lift off the Top packing cover or you will tear the Factory Seal.

This album comes in a Factory Seal Bag; yes it’s a lose bag with a perforated tear off strip. If you only cut one end and pull the album by the Factory Sealed Bag you will end up pulling the album through the Factory Seal and Destroying it’s value.

Factory Seal

Picture 4 highlights Factory Seal.

This album is Factory Sealed in a lose fitted bag with a tear off strip. This bag is exactly the way it came on Recorded Day,all 3 albums I purchased came this way. It’s not packed in the normal “Shrink Wrapped Cellophane wrapper like you see on most albums.

If you plan on keeping this album for your Phish or Album collection it’s so important not to tear off the Factory Sealed Bag!

I really want this to be bought by a Phish Collector after I protected this album for 12 years.

DEBUT STUDIO ALBUM FROM BURLINGTON, VT'S PHISH. Junta was originally recorded in 1988 and did not make it to vinyl until 2012's Record Store Day. Who knew that the songs here would go on to launch the jam band's legendary career? Eleven tracks in all. Released by Jemp Records on triple 180 gram vinyl with an etching on side F. Housed in a tr-fold sleeve with a printed insert and a digital download.

Album Playlist

triple vinyl 180 gram pressing

etching on side F

tri-fold sleeve

printed insert

digital download included

music label: Jemp Records 2015

'Junta' 3-LP Vinyl Tracklisting:

Side A

- Fee

- You Enjoy Myself

Side B

- Esther

- Golgi Apparatus

- Foam

Side C

- Dinner And A Movie

- Divided Sky

Side D

- David Bowie

Side E

- Fluffhead

- Fluff's Travels

- Contact