MENDELSSOHN 2 Concertos KREMER Violin ARGERICH Piano DGG 427338 Digital 1988 NM

Sold Date: November 6, 2019
Start Date: November 6, 2019
Final Price: $79.00 (USD)
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Item Description DGG 427338
Label / Release DGG 427338 Composer / Work Mendelssohn: Double Concerto in d, Violin Concerto in d
Performed By
Kremer violin, Argerich piano
Orpheus ChO
Condition Cover: VG+   Record: NM

Notes 1988 Digital
More Details Number of discs: 1 Size: 12 inch Channels: Stereo Origin: Germany Recorded: 1988 (Click for high-res scans)

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