Margot & The Nuclear So And So's ‎– The Bride On The Boxcar (2015) JNR 5xLP NEW

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Margot & The Nuclear So And So's - The Bride On The Boxcar - A Decade Of Margot Rarities: 2004-2014 (2015) Joyful Noise Records 5 x LP Box NEW

Tracklist A1 Lost At Sea
A2 Vampires In Blue Dresses
A3 Lost On 49th St (Demo)
A4 Somewhere The City Lights Leave Us Blind
A5 The Stench Of Love
B1 Waking Up And Walking Out
B2 I Was Drunk (Demo)
B3 Cheap Motel Room
B4 On a Freezing Chicago Street (525 Basement Demo)
B5 Avalanche
B6 Things You Shouldn't Do (Demo)
C1 Pirates
C2 A Tangle Of Blonde
C3 Broadripple Is Burning
C4 I Git Even (Demo)
C5 As Tall As Cliffs (Demo)
C6 Moonshine Baby (Demo)
D1 Cam's Piano Opus
D2 A Children's Crusade On Acid
D3 Whiskey Jingle
D4 If Ya Wanna Go Out (Demo)
D5 Blue Collar, Red Letter
D6 Cold, Kind, & Lemon Eyes (Demo)
D7 No Vaseline
E1 Black Demon
E2 Birds (Margot 1.0 Recording)
E3 Earth To Aliens What Do You Want (Margot 1.0 Recording)
E4 Will You Love Me Forever (From Happy Hour At Spriggs Ep)
E5 Bubbleprick
F1 I Won't Eat My Vegetables (Demo)
F2 Nyc Hotel Blues (Margot 1.0 Recording)
F3 Francine
F4 As Beautiful As Ever (Demo)
F5 Lunatic, Lunatic, Lunatic (Demo)
F6 There's a Freakshow Downtown (From Happy Hour at Spriggs EP)
G1 You Ain't Afraid Of The Devil (Clava)
G2 Fingertips
G3 Payphone
G4 Coonskin Cap (Demo)
G5 Don't Bug Me, I'm Drinkin' (Demo)
G6 Something In The Way
H1 All Through The Night
H2 Why Would I Go Outside (Clava)
H3 Blinkin' Fuzz
H4 Broadripple Is Burning (Living Room Version)
H5 Jesus Breaks Your Heart (Demo)
I1 Lazy (Demo)
I2 Your Sister's House
I3 Bleary-eye-d Blue (Living Room Demo)
I4 Nixon
I5 Vivian
I6 Ziggy Stardust
J1 Bummer
J2 Heart Of Darkness
J3 Bust Up Fantasies (Demo)
J4 Beatin' Off in Public
J5 You Win (Living Room Demo)
J6 Blame the World (Demo)