DEATH STRANDING Songs From The Video Game (VV.AA.) BOX 3 LP NUOVO .cp

Sold Date: December 4, 2021
Start Date: June 16, 2020
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Box 3 Long Playing Nuovo

.Mondo Records

.MOND178B 180g black vinyl 3LP on Mondo housed in a tri-fold jacket with all new artwork by Randy Ortiz.

Separate from Ludvig Forssell’s original score to the game, Mondo presents three vinyls that house all 22 tracks from Hideo Kojima’s 2019 exceptional video game Death Stranding. With brand new artwork from Randy Ortiz, the tracks from Low Roar, Chvrches, Silent Poets and Apocalyptica reflect the strange tension of the game. 

don't be so serious by low roar bones by low roar feat. jófriður easy way out by low roar poznan by low roar asylums for the feeling by silent poets feat. leila adu once in a long, long while by low roar st. eriksplan by low roar death stranding by chvrches please don't stop chapter 1 by low roar because we have to by low roar waiting (10 years) by low roar almost nothing by silent poets feat. okay kaya tonight, tonight, tonight by low roar nobody else by low roar the machine by low roar anything you need by low roar give up by low roar patience by low roar path by apocalyptica not around by low roar i'm leaving by low roar i'll keep coming by low roar

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Available from 26th June
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