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Start Date: February 12, 2021
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Records tested and sound samples made with a THE VESSEL 78 A78SP cartridge/stylus. Grading System is based mostly upon Nauck's, a very reputable and expert dealer found at
NM Just this side of mint. Few things in this world are perfect, so we don't use M.  E    Excellent. Virtually no trace of groove wear with only light traces of use and handling.  E-   An above average record with a slight degree of groove wear, scuffs, etc. but not enough to seriously detract from its audio quality.  V+  Obviously well played, but still very enjoyable. Some graying in the grooves, scuffs, light hairlines.  V.   Worn, but listenable. Crackle, tics and other noises that do not drown out the music.  V-   Wear becomes annoying. Good for a reference copy. Will track but some spots may fuzz out. G+  It plays enough to identify or learn the music. Grooves are very gray and dull. May even skip. Scratches. Still no cracks. P. Possibly unplayable. May even have hairline or tight cracks. 
SOUND CONDITION: E- very light background crackles

SURFACE CONDITION: E-  slight scuffs, rubs
LABEL CONDITION: E- rubs, scuffs

We will combine items for shipping! To a USA address, $1 added for each additional item up to 4. For more, please contact. Records are graded for sound on an Audio-Technica AT-PL120 turntable with The Vessel A78 SP cartridge. Sound samples are made from the actual item offered using an AT-PL120 turntable with The Vessel A78 SP cartridge. Records will sound MUCH better on any vintage or standard 78rpm player. Remember that a Stereo needle/cartridge will lessen the sound response in most cases. Please understand that the shipping supplies that we use to be certain that the 78s arrive safely cost roughly $4 per package, on top of the postage. Thanks! We do NOT lie, fudge or otherwise falsify value on customs statements. We will NOT list item as "a gift"> ALL postage is printed through eBay.