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Sparks: Russell Mael (vocals); Bob Haag (guitar, background vocals); Ron Mael (keyboards, synthesizer); Leslie Bohem (bass, background vocals); David Kendrick (drums); Mack (programming).
Recorded at MusicLand Studios, Munich, West Germany.
Upon returning to their native Los Angeles in 1981, after nearly a decade of stardom in Britain and Germany, brothers Ron and Russell Mael hooked up with a local band called Gleaming Spires and, for the fourth time in their careers, completely reinvented themselves. Having tried art rock, power pop, and rock disco fusion, keyboardist Ron and singer Russell combined elements of all three with a new-wave synth gloss and came up with their best album since 1974's KIMONO MY HOUSE.
Starting with the thumping "Tips For Teens," one of the brothers' funniest and catchiest songs, WHOMP THAT SUCKER glides through 10 synth-pop ditties with quirky lyrics-"Funny Face" and "The Willies" are particularly strange-and instantly memorable melodies. WHOMP THAT SUCKER marks the beginning of one of Sparks' most artistically and commercially successful eras.

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