MC5 - Back in The USA (ROCKTOBER) [New Vinyl LP] Clear Vinyl

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MC5 - Back in The USA (ROCKTOBER) [New Vinyl LP] Clear Vinyl

Artist: MC5

Title: Back in The USA (ROCKTOBER)

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Rock

UPC: 603497840397

Release Date: 2023

Record Label: Atlantic

Album Tracks

1. Tutti-Frutti
2. Tonight
3. Teenage Lust
4. Let Me Try
5. Looking at You

1. High School
2. Call Me Animal
3. The American Ruse
4. Shakin' Street
5. The Human Being Lawnmower
6. Back in the USA

MC5's 1970 second album, celebrated for it's energetic proto-punk vibe and departure from their previous style. It's fast-paced tracks, like 'Ramblin' Rose' and 'Back in the USA,' showcase the band's rebellious spirit and helped shape the punk and garage rock genres that followed. The album's enduring influence on rock music solidifies it's place in the annals of musical innovation.

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