200+ LPs, 12”, 7” Vinyl Job Lot Record Collection Fall Pink Floyd Zeppelin

Sold Date: December 1, 2019
Start Date: November 26, 2019
Final Price: £2,950.00 (GBP)
Bid Count: 62
Seller Feedback: 29
Buyer Feedback: 775

This is a vinyl job lot of 200+ LPs with some additional 12” and 7” singles and cassettes included. This is an interesting and eclectic collection of rock, prog, indie, psych, punk, funk, jazz and folk. There are some well know artists included, as well as some rarer items. Sleeves and vinyl range from VG to Near Mint with the majority being at least VG+. Items have been carefully graded using the UK record grading guide, many people would grade some items higher. Items are listed below and will be shown in pictures.

Items are graded SLEEVE/VINYL for all records and INSERT/CASSETTE The auction will run through to the end and we will not be accepting any offers. Please get in touch if any questions.

LPs and 12” singles graded sleeve/vinyl

The Who - Live At Leeds GF Germany Limited Edition RE 2480 004 VG/VG+ 11x inserts and Pete Townsend EX Split to top seam of sleeve

Hawkwind - In Search Of Space UK LBG 29202 VG+/VG+

Swans - The Burning World UK MCG 6047 EX-/VG+ Original lyric inner EX

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Radio One GF 2x LPs UK CCSLP 212 VG+/VG+

The Teardrop Explodes - Kilimanjaro UK PRICE 59 6359 035 EX-/VG

Comus - First Utterance GF 2x Records (1x LP, 1x 12”) Re-issue EX-/EX- Original lyric inner

Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets UK SCX 6258 EX-/VG+

Steve Reich - The Desert Music GF EU 979 101-1 EX-/VG+ Original hype sticker

Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds UK SHSP 4020 VG/VG

13th Floor Elevators - Bull Of The Woods IA-LP 9 EX-/VG

The Who - Tommy GF 2x LPs UK 1975 613 014 VG+/VG+ Original lyric booklet VG+

Pink Floyd - The Wall GF 2x LPs UK 1979 SHDW 411 VG+/EX- Original lyrics inners, one with split to side seam Original sticker

Jefferson Airplane - Bless Its Pointed Little Head/Takes Off GF 2x LPs Germany NL 89172(2) VG+/VG+

13th Floor Elevators - Easter Everywhere IALP # 5 VG+/VG

Grateful Dead - Self-Titled UK ED 221 EX-/VG+

Monster Magnet - Evil/Elephant Bell 12” GH 0204 VG/VG+

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours Germany K 56344 VG+/VG+ Textured sleeve Original booklet EX-

Fleetwood Mac - Self-Titled UK K54043 VG+/VG Original lyric insert VG+

Tim Buckley - Greetings From L.A. WB 46 176 EX-/VG+ In shrink wrap

Lou Reed - Transformer Germany NL 83806 VG/VG+ Split to top sleeve seam

Lou Reed - Berlin INTS 5150 EX-/VG+

Lou Reed - Sally Can’t Dance/I Can’t Germany NL89302(2) EX-/VG

The Stooges - Self-Titled 42 032 VG+/VG+

Parliament - Rhenium HDH LP 008 EX-/VG

Julia Holter - Have You In My Wilderness EX/VG+ Original lyric inner EX In shrink wrap

Neil Young - After The Gold Rush GF 44 088 EX/VG

Sonic Youth - Sister UK BFFP 20 VG+/VG+ Original lyric inner EX

Julian Cope - Peggy Suicide GF 2x LPs ILPSD 9977 VG+/EX- Original inners EX-

Sonic Youth - Goo Germany 7599-24297-1 EX-/VG+ Original inner EX

Julian Cope - World Shut Your Mouth 12” 12 IS 290 VG/VG Split to bottom sleeve seam

King Missile - Mystical Sh** Netherlands SDE 9016/LP VG/VG+

The Doors - Strange Days Germany 42 016 VG+/VG+

Bonzo Dog Band - Let’s Make Up And Be Friendly UK AWL 1004 VG+/VG+

Julian Cope - Saint Julian ILPS 9861 VG+/EX- Original lyric booklet VG+

The Velvet Underground - VU POLD 5167 VG+/VG+ Original insert VG+

Thin White Rope - In The Spanish Cave FIEND 114 EX/VG+

The Velvet Underground - Self-Titled UK 2353 022 SELECT VG+/VG+

VA - Pebbles Presents Highs In The Mid Sixties AIP 10021 EX-/VG+ In shrink wrap

Tomorrow - Self-Titled RE IMP 1003 VG+/EX Import saw cut to bottom left of sleeve

Warpaint - The Fool 2x LPs 8 83870 05801 8 EX/EX- Original lyric inners EX- In shrink wrap Original hype stickers

Dexys Midnight Runners - Searching For The Young Soul Rebels UK RE FA 3032 VG+/VG+

Country Joe And The Fish - Together SVRL 19006 VG+/VG+

The Teardrop Explodes - Wilder USA SRM-1-4035 VG+/EX- Import saw cut to top left of sleeve

Julian Cope - World Shut Your Mouth MERL 37 EX-/VG Original lyric inner VG+

Julian Cope - Fried MERL 48 EX-/VG Original inner VG+

John Cale - Vintage Violence UK ED 230 EX-/VG+ In shrink wrap

The Doors - Waiting For The Sun Germany K 42 041 VG+/VG+

The Kinks - Hit Singles UK PYL 4001 VG+/VG+

Patti Smith - Easter UK FA 3058 VG+/VG+

Love - Da Capo Germany ELK 42 011 VG/VG+ Small tears to top left of sleeve (sticker removal)

Nuggets - Volume 7: Early San Francisco USA RNLP 031 VG+/VG+ In shrink wrap

Funkadelic - Free Your Mind... Germany SEW 012 VG+/VG

Half Man Half Biscuit - Back In The D.H.S.S. UK PROBE 8 VG+/VG+

Tim Buckley - Happy Sad Greece 42072 VG+/VG+

Quicksilver Messenger Service - The Ultimate Journey SEE 61 EX-/VG+

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain Germany SEW 002 VG+/VG+

Miles Davis - Tutu Germany 925 490-1 VG+/VG

Red Crayola - The Parable Of Arable Land LIK 20 VG+/VG+

Dinosaur Jr. - Bug BFFP31 EX-/VG+

Firehose - Ragin’, Full-On SST 079 EX-/VG+ In shrink wrap

Black Sabbath - Masters Of Reality Netherlands RE NEL 6004 VG+/VG+

Black Sabbath - Sabotage UK RE NEL 6018 G+/VG+ Tear to bottom left of sleeve front cover

Bob Dylan - Bringing It All Back Home UK CBS 32344 EX-/EX-

Bonzo Dog Band - The Donut In Granny’s Greenhouse GF UK XED 209 VG+/EX-

John Cage - Sonatas And Interludes For Prepared Piano UK HEAD 9 EX-/EX

Miles Davis - The Birth Of The Cool CAPS 1024 EX-/EX-

John Coltrane - Impressions GF Germany STEREO AS-42 VG+/VG+

Miles Davis - Big Fun GF 2x LPs Netherlands 88024 EX-/EX

Miles Davis - Water Babies PC 34396 EX-/VG+

Popol Vuh - Seligpreisung Germany OHR 58009 VG+/VG+

VA - English Freakbeat Vol. 2 USA 1989 AIP 10047 EX/EX In shrink wrap

Wild Things - Wyld Kiwi Garage 1966-1969 New Zealand 1990 L 30620 NM/NM

VA - The Records Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 1 UK 1985 RE 0101 VG+/NM

VA - Inside Information 2x LPs Promo copy PAYE 001 VG/VG+

New Order - Confusion 12” UK FAC 93 VG/VG Embossed sleeve

The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers UK 1979 CUN 59100 VG/VG+ Seam split to sleeve spine, sleeve otherwise intact and good working order Original insert EX-

VA - All The Colours Of Darkness UK PAPRLP008 EX-/EX-

Robert Wyatt - Work In Progress 12” UK RTT 149 EX-/EX-

Half Man Half Biscuit - Dickie Davies Eyes 12” PP21T EX-/VG+ In shrink wrap

Om Unit - Self 2x LPs CBRLP001 EX-/EX- Original inners

Country Joe And The Fish - I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die Greece VSD NP 79266 EX-/EX-

The Velvet Underground - Loaded Germany K40113 EX-/EX-

Neil’s Heavy Concept Album Germany 240 524-1 VG+/VG+ Original inner Original cut out insert EX

Julian Cope - My Nation Underground ILPS 9918 VG+/VG+ Original lyric inner EX

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin III GF UK K 50002 EX-/EX+ Cover wheel in good working order

Half Man Half Biscuit - Back In The D.H.S.S. PROBE 4 VG+/VG+

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures UK FACT 10 VG+/VG+ Textured sleeve Original inner with rounded corners and small mark

Cocteau Twins - Garlands CAD 211 VG+/VG+

Buffalo Springfield - Expecting To Fly UK 2464 012 VG/VG+ Atlantic Plum label

Field Music - Plumb MI0208LP EX/EX- Purple translucent vinyl Original lyric inner EX In shrink wrap

Ron Nagle - Bad Rice UK ED 204 VG+/VG+

The Byrds - Fifth Dimension UK 32284 VG/VG+ Small split to top of sleeve seam

Endless Journey - Phase Three UK PSYCHO 19 VG+/VG+

The Chocolate Watch Band - Forty Four GF UK WIKA 25 VG+/VG

The Misunderstood - Before The Dream Faded France B RED 32 VG/VG Original inner Laminate lift to back of sleeve Top seam split to sleeve

VA - Rubble 7 UK PAPRLP007 VG+/VG+ Original insert EX

Country Joe And The Fish - Vanguard VSD 79244 VG+/VG+

Butthole Surfers - Another Man’s Sac VG+/VG+ In shrink wrap

Tim Buckley - Blue Afternoon Greece WS 001842 VG/VG+

The Doors - Absolutely Live GF 2x LPs Germany K 62 005 VG+/VG+

The Doors - Self-Titled Germany K 42 012 VG+/VG+

VA - The Story Of The Blues GF 2x LPs 66218 VG/VG+ Writing to inside of sleeve

The Yardbirds - Shapes Of Things OX/3161 VG+/VG+

The Doors - Morrison Hotel Germany 42 080 VG+/VG+

Funkadelic - Self-Titled Germany SEW 010 VG+/VG+

Songs Of Leonard Cohen UK 62341 VG/VG

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here UK SHVL 814 VG/VG Original inner with rounded corners Small split to spine of seam

Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs GF UK SHVL 765 VG+/VG+

Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation GF 2x LPs BFFP 34 VG/VG+ Small split to top sleeve seam

Nico - Desertshore K 44102 VG+/EX-

Pixies - Surfer Rosa CAD 803 EX-/VG+ Original inner VG+

The Seeds - Self-Titled Greece M. BOX 131 EX-/EX

Dinosaur Jr - Green Mind Germany BYN 24 EX-/EX

Syd Barrett - The Peel Sessions UK SFPS043 EX-/EX-

New Order - Low-life UK FACT 100 VG+/VG+ Wrap around vellum sleeve intact, small tear to back Original inner EX-

Monster Magnet - Self-Titled Germany EFA ML 08123-90 GR 0123 VG+/VG+

Monster Magnet - Spine Of God GR 0172 VG/VG+ Small tear to top of sleeve spine

The Grateful Dead - Anthem Of The Sun UK K 46021 VG+/VG+

Grateful Dead - Vintage Dead SUN-5001 VG+/VG Import punch hole to top right of spine

Moving Sidewalks - 99th Floor France EVA 12002 VG+/VG+

Spaceman 3 - Transparent Radiation UK GLAEP 108 VG/VG Small tear to top of sleeve

Happy Mondays - Squirrel And G-Man UK FACT 170 VG+/VG+

Spaceman 3 - Walkin’ With Jesus GLAEP 105 VG+/VG+

The Fall - Hex Education Hour LILP 4.00126 J EX-/EX-

Spaceman 3 - Sound Of Confusion GLALP 018 VG+/VG+ In shrink wrap

Can - Ege Bamyasi SPOON 008 VG+/VG+

Can - Delay 1968 SPOON 012 VG+/VG+

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew GF 2x LPs CBS 66236 VG+/VG+

Blind Faith - Self-Titled GF UK RSO 2394 142 VG/VG+

Kate Bush - The Kick Inside UK EMC 3223 VG+/VG+

David Bowie - Scary Monsters BOW LP2 VG+/EX-

The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band GF UK PCS 7027 VG+/VG+ Black Parlophone label

Queen - The Works UK EMC 24 0014 VG+/VG+ Original lyric inner with rounded corners and a split to bottom seam

Kate Bush - Never For Ever GF UK EMA 794 EX-/VG+

Rollins Band - Do It UK SERVM 002 EX-/EX- In shrink wrap

David Bowie - Diamond Dogs UK 1981 RE INTS 5068 VG/VG+ Poster EX

VA - That Driving Beat 2x LPs PAPRLP 2032 VG+/EX

VA - Circus Days UK 1990 STZ 5001 NM/NM

Prong - Primitive Origins EU & UK 1987 EFA 7933 VG/VG+

Drawstring - Cool UK 2016 NM/NM

Great Cynics - I Feel Weird UK/USA 2015 SPS033V NM/NM Original lyric inner

HDQ - Sinking UK 1989 POS 005 VG/VG+ Small split to top sleeve seam Original lyric inner

Ian Dury - New Boots And Panties UK 1977 SEEZ 4 VG+/VG+ Original inner VG+

Iggy Pop - Blah-Blah-Blah UK AMA 5145 VG+/VG+ Original inner EX-

Instigators - Phoenix UK 1986 Fish 13 VG+/EX+ Original lyric insert VG+

Joy Division - Still GF 2x LPs UK 1981 FACT 40 VG/VG+

Lost Cherrees - All Part Of Growing Up UK 1984 LP FIGHT 6 VG/VG+ Some laminate lift to sleeve Original lyric inner with split to side seam

The Bombpops - Fear Of Missing Out USA 2017 FAT974-1 NM/NM Original insert

Channel 3 - I’ve Got A Gun UK 1982 PUNK 2 VG+/VG+

Pink Floyd - Animals GF UK 1987 RE SHVL 815 EX-/EX-

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon GF UK 1973 RE A11/B10 Matrix numbers EX-/EX-

Big Brother & The Holding Company - Cheaper Thrills Edsel ED 134 EX/VG

New Order - Movement 1981 UK Fact 50 VG+/VG+ Textured cover and FCL Product original inner which has tiny bottom split

Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother UK Harvest SHVL 781 GF A4/B3 Matrix EX/EX

Pink Floyd - A Nice Pair UK 1973 GF 2xLP Harvest G+/ VG+ Phang sleeve but big sticker tear top right front cover

Pink Floyd - Meddle UK Harvest GF SHVL 795 EX-/EX

Pink Floyd -Ummagumma UK 2LP GF A1/B2/A2/B3 EX/EX

Led Zeppelin - Untitled GF EU 2014 RE 180g 81227965778 NM/NM Original insert NM

Scott Walker - Scott UK 1967 Mono Philips BL 7816 VG/VG with insert

Dinosaur Jr - You’re Living All Over Me USA SST 130 EX/EX- Still In shrinkwrap

Dinosaur - ST Homestead Records HMS 015 EX/EX- Red label Still In shrinkwrap

Dead Kennedy’s - Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death 1987 Virus 57 VG+/EX with booklet

Led Zeppelin ST EU ATL 40 031 EX/VG+

Led Zeppelin II EU Atlantic 40 037 GF VG/VG+ small sticker mark front top right

Swans - Children Of God 2xLP GF UK 33 PROD 17 VG+/VG+ Small Seam split top front panel. Original inners EX

VA - Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol 11 Texas Part One EX/EX AIP 10019 Still In shrink

VA - Nuggets Volume Two: Punk RNLP 026 EX/VG+

David Bowie - Pinups UK RCA Ints 5236 VG+/EX Green Label

Julia Holter - Tragedy UK GF 2LP EX/NM REWIGLP87 Domino

Rizan Said - King Of Keyboard UK Crep34 EXEX still In shrinkwrap with NM original inner

Eric Burdon And The Animals UK Polydor Spelp 40 VG+/EX-

Black Sabbath - Vol 4 Nems Holland GF Nel 6005 VG+/VG+

Felt - Ignite The Seven Cannons UK Cherry Red G/VG sleeve quite aged with edge wear

Black Sabbath - 13 2LP GF EU 2013 Vertigo NM/EX with EX inners

Ornette Coleman - Tomorrow Is The Question!

EU Contemporary COP 002 Re EX-/EX

MGMT - Little Dark Age Columbia EU 2018 2LP GF NM/NM with NM original inners

The Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense And Peppermints Greece MCA 253039-1 VG+/VG+

Buffy Sainte Marie - Illuminations UK 1971 Vanguard VSD 79300 VG/VG

Motörhead - ST Big Beat Wik 2 Red Vinyl VG+/EX- with EX original inner

Hawkwind - Roadhawks Germany Liberty 038-82 624 GF VG+/VG+

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme UK Impulse Re MCL 1648 EX/VG+

Happy Monday’s - Rave On 12” UK 1989 Fac 242 VG+/EX+

Happy Monday’s - Freaky Dancin 12” UK Fac 142 VG/EX

Buckingham Nicks - ST UK Polydor 2391-093 1973 EX/EX+ with VG+ original insert

The Fall - Shift-work EU 1991 848 594-1 Cog Sinister VG+/EX Sleeve 1 inch top middle split

The Fall - Bend Sinister UK 1986 Beggars Banquet Bega 75 VG+/VG+ with EX original inner

The Fall - Mr Pharmacist UK 12” 1986 Beggars Banquet Bega 168 EX/EX

The Fall - There’s A Ghost In My House UK 12” GF Beggars Banquet BEG187T EX/VG+

Sun Ra and his Arkestra - Out There A Minute UK Blast First BFFP 42 GF VG+/VG+

Steve Reich - Drumming EU Nonsuch 979 170-1 VG+/EX still in shrink

The Fall - Dragnet SFLP 4 1979 VG+/VG+ with VG printed inner which has a one inch bottom middle split

The Fall - The Peel Sessions UK Strange Fruit SFPS028 EX-/EX

The Fall - Ed’s Babe 12” UK Sin9 12 EX-/VG+

The Fall - The Frenz Experiment UK Beggars Banquet Bega 91 EX-/EX includes free 7” which is VG+

The 13th Floor Elevators ST Greece Re WEA 56596 EX/VG+

The Fall - Perverted By Language UK 1983 Rough Trade Rough 62 VG+/VG+ with VG+ original printed inner

Nick Drake - Fruit Tree 4 LP Box Set Hannibal Records Box VG All inner sleeves EX All media EX- Booklet VG+

Black Sabbath - Paranoid Holland RE Nel 6003 GF VG+/VG+

The Fall - Cruisers Creek UK Beggars Banquet BEG 150T VG+/EX

The Fall - Call For Escape Route Beggars Banquet BEG 120 E VG+/EX-

(Includes free single The Fall - Slang King UK Beggars Banquet BEG 120 VG+/EX)

The Fall - This Nations Saving Grace UK Beggars Banquet Bega 67 GF EX/EX

Scott Walker - Climate Of Hunter UK Virgin 1984 V2303 Red/Green labels VG+/VG+ with original inner

Swans - White Lightning From The Mouth Of Infinity 2xLP GF UK YG LP3 EX/EX

Bongwater - The Power Of Pussy USA Shimmy Disc EX/EX

The Fall - Room To Live 12” Kamera Kam 011 VG+/EX

The Fall - Seminal Live UK Beggars Banquet 1989 BBL 102 EX/EX

The Fall - Telephone Thing 12” UK Sin 412 VG+/VG+

The Fall - High Tension Line 11” UK Cog Sinister 878 697-1 EX/VG+

The Fall - Hey Luciani UK 12” Beggars Banquet BEG 176 T EX/EX

The Fall - Living Too Late UK 12” Beggars Banquet BEG 165 T EX/EX

The Fall - Grotesque UK Rough Trade Rough 18 EX-/VG+

The Fall - Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall UK Beggars Banquet Bega 58 EX/EX

10” Singles Graded Sleeve/Vinyl

Butthole Surfers - Widowermaker UK Blast First EX/VG+ with EX insert

The Fall - Slates Rough Trade RTO 71 VG+/VG+

7” Singles Graded Sleeve/Vinyl

The Fall - Totally Wired UK 1980 Rough Trade RT 056 EX/VG+

The Fall - Rowche Rumble UK 1979 Step Forward Records SF 11 VG+/VG+

The Fall - How I Wrote Elastic Man UK 1980 Rough Trade RT 048 EX-/EX-

The Fall - Creep UK Beggars Banquet BEG 116 EX/VG+

The Fall - Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul UK 1981 Kamera ERA 001 VG+/VG+

Slaughter - I’ll Follow You Down UK 1985 CRE 019 EX-/EX

Go-Gos - We Got The Beat UK Stiff Buy 78 VG+/EX-

This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren UK 4AD AD 310 VG+/EX-

Julian Cope - Sunspots EP 2x7” GF MER 1822 VG/EX+

Teardrop Explodes - Reward UK Tear 2 VG+ Plain Sleeve

The Nightingales - Urban Ospreys Cherry Red Cherry 56 VG/EX- small sticker front top right

The Jesus And Mary Chain - You Trip Me Up UK Neg 13 VG+/VG+

The Jesus And Mary Chain - Upside Down Creation 012 VG/VG+

Kate Bush - Babooshka UK EMI 5085 VG/VG

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting UK EMI KB 2 EX/VG+

Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love UK EMI KB 3 VG/VG/VG+

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill UK KB 1 EX-/EX-

Prince - Raspberry Beret UK Wea W8929 EX/VG+

The Fall - The Man Whose Head Expanded UK Rough Trade RT 133 VG+/EX-

The Fall - There’s A Ghost In My House UK Beggars Banquet VG+/EX hologram sleeve

The Fall - Couldn’t Get Ahead UK Beggars Banquet Beg 134 VG+/VG-

The Fall - Kicker Conspiracy 2xGF UK Rough Trade 1983 RT 143 VG/EX+

The Teardrop Explodes - Suffocate UK Tear 6 VG/EX-

The Teardrop Explodes - Passionate Friend UK Tear 5 G+/VG+

The Teardrop Explodes - Colours Fly Away UK Tear 6 VG/EX-

The Teardrop Explodes - Tiny Children UK GF Tear G7

The Teardrop Explodes - You Disappear From View UK 2xGF Tear 88 VG/NM

Julian Cope - Sunshine Playroom UK Cope 1 VG/EX-

Julian Cope - The Greatness And Perfection Of Love Mercury MER 155 VG+/VG+

The Specials - Gangsters UK 1979 VG/VG+

The Specials - Rat Race UK CHS TT11 VG+/VG+

The Specials Feat Rico - A Message To You Rudy UK TT 5 VG+/VG+

The Specials Feat Rico - Too Much Too Young UK CHS TT 7 EX-/VG+

The Selecter- On My Radio UK CHS TT 4 VG+/VG+

The Selecter - Three Minute Hero UK CHS TT8 VG+/EX

Frank Sidebottom - World Cup ‘90 record UK EX with VG+ Annual

Madness - The Prince UK CHS TT3 VG+/EX

The Beat - Tears Of A Clown UK CHS TT 6 VG+

Cassettes Graded Insert/Cassette

The Fall - Hip Priest And Kamerads UK 1985 VG+/VG+

The Fall - Extricate UK 842 204-4 VG+/G Cassette body text well worn

The Fall - Telephone Thing Single EU SINMC 4 EX/EX

The Fall - Victoria 4 Track Single UK 1988 BEG 206 C EX/EX

The Fall - Seminal Live UK BBLC 102 EX/VG+

Julian Cope - Beautiful Love UK CIS 483 EX/EX

Stereolab - Mars Audiac Quintet UK EX/VG+

The Beatles - Rubber Soul UK TC-PCS 3075 VG+/VG+ Paper Labels