Rocksteady Taking Over Orange Street 1966-1968 VINYL LP NEW £12.99 SKA SEALED

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Rocksteady took Over Orange Street, Jamaica around 1966, the same
time that an extreme heatwave hit the Jamaican island. Some say the
previous jerky Ska Rhythms proved too strenuous of an activity to
partake in, during the all night Sound System sessions .So it proved a
winning formula to slow the beat down to a more leisurely pace.
Whatever the reasons were this two year period that ran until 1968,
would see some of the power escape from the big three producers,
Clement ‘Coxone’ Dodd, Prince Buster and Duke Reid, who up until this
period had ruled the airwaves .It was time to make room for a new wave
of up and coming producers that also had something to offer the people.
Such names as Joel Gibson ( Joe Gibbs ), Sonia Pottinger, Derrick
Harriott and most prolific of them all Mr Bunny Lee. These new names
would unleash some fine music in what would be a short lived chapter in
the ever changing and moving beat that is reggae’s history. We have
compiled some of the biggest hits from the Rocksteady period, alongside
some lesser known cuts we believe deserve to be re-evaluated.
Rocksteady was an inspirational and somewhat over looked sound that
provided us with some outstanding music. So sit back and enjoy some
Rocksteady straight from the dances of Jamaica.

Hope You enjoy the set…. 

Vinyl Track Listing

Side 1
1 Love And Devotion - Uniques
2 If I Don’t Know - Roy Shirley 
3 Taking Over Orange Street - Glen Adams
4 It Might As Well Be Spring - Lester Sterling
5 Girl Of My Dreams - Uniques
6 Good Ambition - Roy Shirley
7 Soul Voyage - Lester Sterling

Side 2
1 Hold Down Miss Winey - Glen Adams
2 I’m Going Home - Errol Dunkley
3 Foey Man - George Dekker
4 Hooray - Uniques
5 It’s Reggae Time - Don T Lee
6 My World - Webber Sisters
7 Revelation - Alva Lewis

Musicians Include:

Guitar: Robert Aitken, Lloyd Willis, Lyn Tait,
Alva Lewis, Bunny Cameron, Hux Brown 
Bass: Vincent Whyte, Bryan Atkinson, Desmond Miles
Drums: Winston Grennan, Joe Isaacs, Tony Bennett
Organ: Ansel Collins, Winston Wright, Ike Bennett
Piano: Gladstone Anderson
Saxophone: Lester Sterling, Val Bennett
Trumpet: Mark Lewis
Trombone: Vin Gordon
Percussion: Noel Sims, Trevor Miles

Recorded At: W.I.R.L Studios,Treasure Isle
Produced By: Bunny Lee
Design By: Voodoo London
Manufactured Under License from: E.Lee