Jimmy McCracklin Jimmy McCracklin Sings (Vinyl) 12" Album (Import)

Sold Date: November 16, 2023
Start Date: July 16, 2023
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Further Details

Title: Jimmy McCracklin Sings
Condition: New
Format: Vinyl
EAN: 0889397314644
Edition: 12" Album (Import)
Genre: Blues
Style: Soul-blues
Release Date: 01/07/2013
Release Year: 2013
No Of Discs: 1
Artist: Jimmy McCracklin
Record Label: DOL
MPN: DOL1464
1-1 Later On
1-2 The Walk
1-3 I'm Through
1-4 Country Baby
1-5 Hurt Me
1-6 New Orleans Beat
1-7 I Know
1-8 I Am the Blame
1-9 He Knows the Rules
1-10 Get Tough
1-11 Come On
1-12 Take Care of Yourself

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