Skyhooks – The Skyhooks Box Vinyl 10LP Mushroom 1983 NEW/SEALED

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Tracklist Living In The 70's A1Living In The 70's A2Whatever Happened To The Revolution A3Balwyn Calling A4Horror Movie A5You Just Like Me Cos' Im Good In Bed B1Carlton B2Toorak Cowboy B3Smut B4Hey Whats The Matter? B5Motorcycle Bitch Ego Is Not A Dirty Word A1Ego Is Not A Dirty Word A2Love On The Radio A3Saturday Night A4Love's Not Good Enough A5The Other Side B1Smartarse Songwriters B2Mercedes Ladies B3All My Friends Are Getting Married B4Every Chase A Steeple B5Private Eye Straight In A Gay Gay World A1Million Dollar Riff A2Is This America A3Blue Jeans A4Somewhere In Sydney A5The Girl Says She's Bored B1This Is My City B2Straight In A Gay Gay World B3I'm Normal B4Mumbo Jumbo B5Crazy Heart Guilty Until Proven Insane A1Women In Uniform A2Life In The Modern World A3Trouble With The Computer A4BBBBBBBBBBoogie A5Twisted Innocence B1Hotel Hell B2Point In The Distance B3Meglomania B4Why Dont'cha All Get *ucked Live! Be In It A1Mercedes Ladies A2Balwyn Calling A3Smartarse Songwriters A4Sitting In A Bar In Adelaide B1All My Friends Are Getting Married B2The Bruce Suite (Big Bad Bruce, Straight In A Gay Gay World, I'm Normal) B3Kaboodleschnitzer Kommercials C1Wild In The Streets C2Do The Hook C3Why Dont'cha All Get *ucked C4Brown Sugar D1Bondage On The Boulevarde D2Party To End All Parties D3Sex Is Not A Dirty Word D4Women In Uniform Hot For The Orient A1Bondage On The Boulevarde A2This Town Is Boring A3White Skin And Black Sheets A4She's Ok But She's Not You A5Cars Bars And Girls B1Red Fingernails B2My Heart Gets Blown To Bits B3Fathers And Daughters B4No Inspiration B5Keep The Junk In America Bonus Album #1 A1Revolution (U.S. Version) A2Forging Ahead A3Every Chase A Steeple A4Let It Rock A5You're Like A Broken Gin Bottle Baby B1Bedroom Eyes B2Hot Rod James B3Party To End All Parties B4Don't Take Your Lurex To The Laundromat B5Over The Border Bonus Album #2 A1All My Friends Are Getting Married A2Live Dialogue A3Sweet Sister A4Live Dialogue A5Don't Suck It (Doo Dah) A6Reefer Cabinet Dialogue A7Opportunity Knocks B1Daughters Of Brighton B2American Dialogue B3Great Australian Male B4Warm Wind B5Rolls Royce In The Swimming Pool B6Dialogue Hooked On Hooks A1Hooked On Hooks (Extended Version) B1Hooked On Hooks (Extended Instrumental Version) B2Smut