OG 1990 Robert Plant Manic Nirvana 12" Double Sided Promo Cardboard POSTER Flat

Sold Date: October 15, 2021
Start Date: August 31, 2021
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These are high quality Vintage 12" x 12" NOS Poster Flats made of Thick Cardboard for Record/Music Store Display
This is Not the sale of a physical Record. You will Not receive a LP Vinyl Record or any form of a music playing "disc" 
Promotional Record Poster Flats are way more Rare than Lp's. You can find the LP records to this Band/Album all over the internet/Ebay for sale at various conditions NM+-Poor.
Promo Poster Flats were ONLY given to record store owners and not sold to the public, hence the scarcity (some of my collection are the ONLY representation known to exist)
Most Poster Flats were mounted or taped to the wall to display the newly arriving LP record(s). This both attracted customers to the brick n mortar store and helped increase sales for the Advertised Lp Record
Poster Flats are now collected by hardcore enthusiast and just the casual music lover that likes a particular Band/ Album
These can be mounted above a record display, framed, or just taped a bedroom wall
Please see my Store Category (12" Poster Flats) to view all my Classic/Authentic Mint Condition Collection. 
I have Posters separated by Year so its fun to look through (each with Detailed photos of Actual item you will receive)
I have purchased 14" Corrugated Cardboard Filler Sheets plus other items to insure safe/damage free 1st Class USPS Shipping on All 12" Promo Posters
Bulk Discounts available***
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